Kangana Rubbishes Nude Scene Story

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The stories that Kangana Ranaut will be seen in a nude scene in one of her films are totally false. Kangana herself has totally rubbished the story that she is doing said nude scene in the Telegu film directed by Puri Jaganath. The actress is livid and says that her director, “one of the most successful and respected filmmakers of Telugu cinema” is scandalized that it is even being reported as fact.

She told Subhash K Jha, “I’ve never posed in the nude, never will, no matter how right the zeroes on the cheque are. I’ve an inbuilt censor code.”

She admits that she has done some photo shoots and scenes were it appears that she is nude but that it is only appearances not fact. “Yes, I’ve done aesthetically-shot pictures which reveal my physique. And why not? I’ve worked really hard on getting my body muscular and toned.” Adding about the supposed nude scene in Raaz 2, “Even the much-hyped ‘nude’ scene in Raaz 2 was a hoax. I wore a body suit in the bath tub.”

She reiterated that she would never be seen nude in a film saying, “I’d never do a nude scene in my entire life even if someone makes me to do it at gun point. I don’t think taking off all of one’s clothes is a cool thing to do.”

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