Kangana’s Sister Gains Justice

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The two men who attacked Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli, with acid have finally been brought to justice. Avinash and Prem Singh received five-year sentences for their vicious attack in 2006 which left Rangoli with extensive burn injuries to her face and torso. “While we cannot get back the years my sister lost, I am happy to see that the people behind this have been punished,” said Kangana.

Meanwhile, Kangana has been rushed into the movie Crooked to play an undercover cop in a de-glammed role. She has just a week to perfect an English accent. “To my surprise, Ritesh Siddhwani came back to me with the role,” she explains, “This time I had to accommodate it into my schedule at very short notice.”

Kangana was thrilled to have won a National Award for her role in Fashion and has even joked about retiring whilst she’s at the top of her profession. “There’s a mini celebration in my house, though my parents were crying when they heard about it,” she states, “At 23, I seem to have cracked the highest cultural award for the country. I should just pack up now and go back to my home in Himachal with my parents.”

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