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When you decide to remake an old classic, especially with Himesh Reshammiya as your lead actor, you create more than just hype before the release of your movie. There’s a sense of curiosity. Himesh’s first release, Aap Ka Suroor, may be have been a hit at the box office but to say the movie didn’t do well with critics would be an understatement. So how is his second outing, and is this movie a genuine tribute to it’s predecessor or is it just another way to attract the masses and get into their pockets? Well, luckily for you, you don’t have to take the risk to find out.

The story of Karz is pretty well known to everyone, but to those who are unaware here it is in a nutshell. Guy marries girl. Girl kills guy. Guys mother can’t take it. Blames God. Guy is reborn in the body of Himesh Reshammiya who has flashes of the guys life and before you know it … it’s revenge time. Simple enough, and since this is a remake I won’t dwell on the story any further, but I guess it would be safe to say that a story like this has all the ingredients of a great Hindi movie. There’s drama, a love story, family values, revenge, etc. What it all depends on now is how the director and his cast handle the responsibility of carrying such high expectations.

First things first, you give to credit where it’s due. Himesh Reshammiya (Monty) is a big improvement of what we saw in his debut. You can definitely see that he has made the effort in this movie, and though some scenes don’t come out well, his effort does not go unnoticed. The thing is though; he’s still not good enough to carry a movie on his own, especially if that movie is a remake of an old classic. Sadly, there’s no scene that truly stands out in terms of acting. The only ones that do stand out are the slightly awkward ones. So while he has definitely made the effort and has improved, as a stand-alone performance it’s still not up to the mark, which is what matters in the end.

Debutant Shweta Kumar (Tina) is very, very bland. There are hardly any expressions on her face, and when they are there they seem forced. There is absolutely no chemistry whatsoever between her and Monty. There’s this scene where Monty explains himself to Tina and her guardian and after he pours his heart out Tina comes up to him and say’s “I’m sorry I doubted you” and walks off.

While I’m mentioning the negatives, I might as well get the biggest one off my chest. What has happened to Gulshan Grover (Juda) in this movie? Seriously? What was his character all about? Why did they have to give him a robotic arm that plays tunes as he taps it, which only his clich

Our Rating

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