Kashmira Shah has Foot in Mouth Disease

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Kashmira Shah, currently working on City of Gold with Seema Biswas, demonstrated what a good contortionist she is by deftly sinking her foot into her mouth at the recent launch for the movie in Mumbai. Surrounding by crowds of actors struggling to build their careers, she said, “Nowadays, the actors who say that they get plenty of scripts everyday but don’t have time to read through them are nothing but big liars!The reality is- they don’t even have a single script in their hand!”

And just in case we thought she’d omitted to insult her old sparring partner Rakhi Sawant today, she went on to say, “I don’t know who Rakhi is. I don’t think anyone knows who she is,” before revealing that she was planning on getting involved in a new reality TV show. Rumour has it that this could be Colors’ Bingo Night if her beau Krushna Abhishek gets involved in the show.

Kashmira has also recently been explaining why she would never consider cosmetic surgery. “If I resort to plastic surgery, what would be the difference between Rakhi Sawant and me?” she asks, “Everything of mine is natural while in Rakhi’s case, except for her armpits, it has all been with the help of plastic surgery!”

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