Katrina Kaif Collapses

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Katrina Kaif, who has been struggling with her health for some time, collapsed on the set of Tees Maar Khan shortly after greeting co-stars Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan. A doctor was summoned and suggested she was suffering from exhaustion and should rest. However, by the afternoon, she was back on set working. “It’s okay, I just collapsed. I’m fine now,” she explained, “Farah and Akshay called the doctor for me. It’s nothing serious… just low blood pressure because of the heat.”

As well as her movie commitments, Katrina also works very hard for her mother’s charity organisation Relief Projects India and Mercy Home. Her TV earnings and the proceeds from her recent CD of nursery rhymes will feed into the funds for the NGO as well as a number of personal appearances. “My mom has always been involved with charity for women,” she says, “And I’m happy to help. It lets me give something back to society.”

Katrina apologised sincerely and warmly when one of her bodyguards stood on the foot of a female journalist as Katrina left the FCCI conference earlier this week. Press reports noted that this contrasted sharply to Salman Khan who responded with sarcasm when a similar incident happened as he left the muhurat for Society on the same day – possibly an inauspicious beginning for the movie.

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