Katrina Kaif Looks to the Future

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Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is said to be rapidly developing an interest in her spiritual side an is eager to learn more about palmistry, gemology, yoga, meditation and numerology. Talking of crystals in particular she says, “I guess the energies that many of these gems contain can change your life for the better.”

Talking of little gems, one of them knocked her off her feet during the recent India Day parade in New York. “Yes, I was knocked off my feet and I was grounded,” Kat confesses, “But as soon as I recovered, I realised it was just a 12-year-old cute boy almost half my size. When you interact with your fans you can’t be fussy about people getting closer and not letting you have any space. They do want to touch your hands, get clicked with you, and off course take autographs. So what if some of them got over-excited? Shows how much they love me.”

Now that Kat’s long family holiday has come to an end, she is back at work and has begun shooting for Rajniti, a political thriller which also stars Ajay Devgan and Ranbir Kapoor. “Going to America was such a blast,” she says, “I caught up with my friends. I would wear a T-shirt and shorts and head for my favourite locations. I did not have to worry about make up and yes, my shopping spree did not include places like Fifth Avenue and such places.”

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