Katrina’s 8 Blue Minutes

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Katrina Kaif is not a part of the Blue crew and in fact, her role for the film is nothing short of a guest appearance. However, that is not what the promo’s are saying, claiming that the actress is a part of the full-fledged cast. She quickly clarified that she was not supposed to be a part of the teasers, “I am only in the film because Akshay Kumar, who has a super role in the underwater caper, asked me to.” Kaif also quickly added that she was paid a generous sum for her apparently brief role, “That’s true,” she admits candidly. “But it’s a very small role. I appear for all of eight minutes in Blue. That’s it. And it would be like the producers shooting themselves in their foot if they made me seem like a part of the cast.”

The producers have gone on to assure Kat that she will not be a part of the hoardings and she will be credited with a “guest appearance” title in the credits for the film. “They’ve promised to keep me out of the hoardings and all publicity and also to bill me as a guest appearance in the credits because that’s what it is. I don’t even go underwater with the rest of the cast!”

Her lip piercing has also created quite an impression already, “That’s not really my pierced lip. It’s only a magnetic ring worn under my lip. To give me a different look. I hope it makes a fashion statement.”

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