Keep Off the Grass!

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Keep Off the Grass!Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan came face-to-face with the obdurate traditions of the British upper classes when shooting for the movie Pa in Cambridge recently. Both were standing on the edge of a lawn in a Cambridge college getting ready to shoot. They were immediately approached by an official who insisted they’d broken the college rule that only scholars were allowed on the lawn. Despite protestations of ignorance and reasoned appeals on the basis of the cost, the whole unit was forced to pack up and leave.

In the movie Pa, we shall see Abhishek playing Amitabh Bachchan’s father. Amitabh plays a character suffering from progeria, a condition that rapidly advances the rate of ageing in the human body. It affects only one in eight million children.

Vidya will next be seen in Ishqiya in which she can be found in a lip-lock with Arshad Warsi lasting over a minute. There had been rumours that she was reluctant to do this — but these are firmly denied. “It was surprising to read that Vidya refused a liplock with Arshad,” said a source for the movie, “The scene in question is very long and intimate, where a hot kiss was very essential to set the tempo. Both Vidya and Arshad were a bit nervous before the scene, but nothing untoward happened.”

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