Khatta Meetha

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Priyadarshan continues to lessen the divide between Hindi and Malayalam cinema and this time around chooses to remake his own blockbuster Vellankaludu Nadu. Akshay Kumar once again joins hands with the comedy guru and together they promised to deliver yet another blockbuster entertainer.

If there is one thing Priyadarshan excels in other than just delivering entertaining cinema it is putting across the struggles of the common man. With Khatta Meetha he decides to make a film with a stronger serious note than his usual films. Now the question remains is just how well does he combine comedy and drama together.

Sachin(Akshay Kumar) the only member of his family who is yet to excel in his worldly endeavors. His naivety and good heartedness just doesn’t seem to be traits that can take him far in this world. Unfortunately for Sachin, everyone around him doesn’t value his traits and quickly labels him as the ‘ultimate’ loser including his family and all those he comes in contact with through his road making business. Khatta Meetha is not about any specific event in Sachin’s life but rather about his daily struggles which has a mixture of both comedy and drama.

It is this exact attempt of enveloping Sachin’s life in both serious situations and comical ones that makes the movie an ultimate failure to Priyadarshan’s dismay. The man may be a comical maestro and may even be able to tackle drama but combining them together for a fusion genre is not one of his strengths. Sadly since Priyadarshan handled story, screenplay and direction he’s the only person to be blamed for this major blunder.
The film switches gears from comedy to drama in merely seconds leaving you utterly lost and confused as to what is happening. In addition, once brought deep into the serious issues you’re dragged out for mindless comedy portion which don’t grab your attention and simply frustrate you as you know more important matter are yet to be solved.

Perhaps the only major plus point in the entire film is its cast who’ve all given an absolute 110% to their roles. Akshay Kumar excels as Sachin and once again shows off just how brilliantly he’s able to grasp the character of an ordinary struggling citizen. He’s really got a knack for such raw roles! Trisha Krishnan makes an unconventional debut and definitely reels in curiosity from audiences to see more of her work. Those who’ve seen her down South will definitely look forward to see what she does next in Hindi. Urvashi Sharma is a revelation in a small yet significant role. Aruna Irani and Kharbushan Kharbanda are seen after a long time and are very much appreciated. Rajpal Yadav is his amazing self. Manoj Joshi and Milind Gunaji also prove to be scene stealers.

Prittam’s music is a refreshing change from his usual style however sadly it is poorly placed in the film. The moment the songs start you wish you had a ‘fast forward’ button as they’re such a nuisance and should have been left out if they couldn’t have been placed accurately.

Thus in conclusion Khatta Meetha is an all around major disappointment that leaves you annoyed if you’re one who’s looked forward to the film. Priyadarshan tries desperately to bring across some valuable life lessons but sadly due to the non-gripping and poorly structured screenplay the film fails all around and any effort to deliver a message is lost in the sea of blunders. One hopes the director who’s given quite memorable box office hits in the past finds his mojo soon and delivers with his next.

Our Rating

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