Kireet Khurana announces his next epic film venture

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Kireet Khurana who is best known as the director of 3D animation Toonpur Ka Superhero is all set to make a Indian version of Lord Of The Rings.

Titled Prithvi the film will be set in a mystical world and will tell the story of a man’s journey to reclaim himself. The film will be set in a computer-generated environment and will be a mixture of live and computer generated characters. Khurana said, “It will have a blend of live and created characters in a computer-generated environment. “Toonpur Ka Superhero was simple as we only had to come up with a toon world. This one is a photo-realistic world with characters and monsters created in Photorealistic CG Imagery; a first-of-its-kind for Indian cinema, so the challenges are bigger.”

Khurana is currently in talks with the technicians behind Hollywood trilogy Lord of the Rings in order to match the scale, story and visual effects of the popular Hollywood film. The Bollywood director confirms that “some of them have agreed, in principal, to collaborate” on Prithvi.

With pre-production underway Khurana is hoping to start filming for the movie by the end of 2011. Stay tuned because we will bring you all the updates, including who will be starring in the film as soon as it becomes available!

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