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For the music of Knock Out, starring Sanjay Dutt, Irrfan Khan and Kangana Raunaut, new production house AAP Entertainment Limited brought in Gourov Dasgupta. You have heard his beats most recently on Hide & Seek, where his rocker edge showed through, and he created some great tunes. With the music for Knock Out he has composed an album more along the commercial lines, but still with his unique rock flavor that adds that extra layer to the songs. Add in some of the best singers, including Krishna, Sunidhi Chauhan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, KK and Vishal Dadlani, and you have got an album that is top notch vocally and musically. Check it out!

Take a mix of club and the classic Bhangra beats, throw in the trademark Gourov rock guitar riff, and you have Gangubai Pe Aai Jawani. Sunidhi Chauhan is in fine form, as usual, and I love her vocals in the lower registers on many of the stanzas. Her sprightly inflection along with the smoother sections is perfect for the song. We have not really heard a song like this from her before. Musically, the song has some brill moments, and is a nice take on what a classic song like this could be. However, the refrain sections where a bit too much. I think one layer of sound could have been taken off because it sounded a bit overwhelming, maybe down a key. Loved the percussion section, with the male vocals. Overall,Sunidhi’s performance is a reason alone to listen. I can’t imagine what is going to be going on in the film…we will have to wait and watch.

Jab Jab Dil Mile is a shoulder bouncing, hips shaking track sung with spice by Sunidhi Chauhan. It has that classic back beat, but there is also a mix of dance club beats that add extra flavor. Also the deeper male voice with the cool effect added is a nice layer to the mix. I know my feet were itching to get up and my typing became very staccato in time to the beat while listening to the track. Make sure you have room to naach listening to this one. Another good track from Dasgupta. There is also a Remix version, which will play very well in clubs. I did like the additions of the electronica and especially the phrasing they used on the refrain. As a separate song it is very good, but I still prefer the original.

There are two versions of Khushnuma, one sung by Krishna and one by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I have to admit that I thought I liked Krishna’s version better but then after hearing Rahat’s, and loving it too, I went back and listened to Krishna’s again and liked Rahat’s better. So, where does that leave us? With a great song in 2 versions! Let’s look at them both…

From the first notes of the Oud, which is a sting instrument that composer Gourov told me he used on Khushnuma Sa Woh Mausam, I loved this track. It has a simple beginning but then the song transforms and transposes into a song so full of sound and feeling. To me this really shows off Gourov’s talent as a composer, it has so many moods, styles and emotions in one song and they are all felt. It actually made me tear up. The composer goes from simple guitar, to an Indian drumbeat, to orchestra, to a lovely section with the classic Indian instrument the Sarangi, which in itself bring so much emotion to the song. And of course it is Gourov so you have a touch of rock thrown in as well. Krishna is pitch perfect on the song and the combination of his voice and this music is wonderful. I love this song.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is brilliant on his version of the song titled Khushnuma Sa Ye Roshan Ho. His distinctive voice and inflection evokes the emotion especially on the refrains. The music is more orchestral and is deeper and richer to match with his tones. You get lost in the music. The piano line is lovely and strong at the same time and adds so much. That is true of both the vocals and the piano…they add that strength to the gorgeous music and that makes the song such a treat to listen to. The melody of this song just gets to me, pure gorgeousness. I love the ebb and flow of the lyrics and the music. Another brilliant composition. I love this song too!

As I said, I cannot decide which version of this song I like better because each time I think, oh it’s this one and then I hear the other and it gets reversed. Just listen again and again and again… I bet you can’t decide either!

Knock Out sung by Vishal Dadlani is wicked in beat and feel. You really get that Vishal is a rocker at heart when he sings this song – he totally kills it! Loved the edgy violins in the beginning and of course the wailing guitars, but it also has this percussion base beat that grounds it down and makes it very unique. The English rap section is hard hitting and perfect for the song and from what I can tell the movie. If you need a song to get you pumped and feeling tough and strong this is that track to blast. He knocked it out of the park (if you will forgive the pun) with this one!

Who doesn’t love a classic Bolly song? I know I do and Tuhi Mere Hum Navaa sung by KK is one I would defintely add to my favorite Bollytune lists. The flying notes of the Maula refrain are wonderful. The music director kept the classic Bolly-percussion… the ones that as soon as you hear them you know they are about to montage or be on a mountain…but he added some nice extras in instrument and tone plus the delicious voice of KK to make a beautiful tune. There is a wonderful mini guitar refrain that I really loved. This song will make you get lost in Bollyland! It stays with you after it is over and that is a very good thing. Maulaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

With Knock Out you can see how Dasgupta has grown as a composer and that not only can he make you rock, he can smooth it down or make you naach! Knock Out is in theaters this Friday and it will be interesting to see how these tracks fit into the story! Stay tuned because we will have an interview with Gourov Dasgupta for you soon!

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