Koffee With Karan 4 preview – Kajol and Ayan Mukherjee

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kwkkajolayan1It’s all about loving the family on the Koffee couch with Karan this week with cousins’ actor Kajol and filmmaker Ayan Mukherjee. While Kajol does not seem to miss a bean in mentioning Ajay Devgn in response to almost every question Karan posed to her, Ayan was more than candid about his ‘love story’ with friend Ranbir Kapoor (who is practically more like family to him). It is expected that the usually straightforward Kajol will have quite the few quips to make for an interesting episode, what remains to see if the duo can up the TRP of the other Kapoor cousins episode from earlier this season.

All that and more on the upcoming episode of Koffee with Karan Season 4 which airs on Star World on Sunday, 16 March 2014. Powered by Idea

Snippets from the episode

Karan: Suddenly you are in the fashion pages Kajol, I thought two things wouldn’t happen that I would make an action film which I haven’t and you would..
Kajol: And you would act?
Karan: Me acting, that I could expect from myself but you being in the fashion pages is something none of us expected!
Kajol: That’s true. Neither did I. Even I dint expect it!
Karan: You are on high heel confidential and designers want to send you their garments now. Why has this happened? I really want to know. Apart from the pressure that Manish and I have put on you there has to be some real tangible reason for this happening.
Kajol: Well tangible reason is just the fact that, I did think of it from the point of view that there is so much focus on it today as well that was yes one consideration but the 2nd consideration, 80% of the fact that yes it is the part of my personality that I need to develop. That I needed to pay attention too. I needed to figure out what it was because from the age of 16 somebody has always told me what to wear ad how to wear it. So I have never really had either an opinion or never really cared to have an opinion and I wanted to know what my opinion was on it.
Karan: So now there is so much talk about Kajol wanting you back in the movies and everybody like you have a whole fan base which keeps..This word comeback is so overused and abused and with you..like are you being extra choosy, are you being extra particular or you just want that big movie star, big mainstream vehicle to really do a film?
Kajol:You know I don’t think it has anything to do with mainstream, it doesn’t have anything to do with big but it has to do with good! And it has to do with me being..picky, choosy. I don’t want to work with someone who is not going to bring out the best in me, I don’t want to work with somebody who is going to depend on me to do the 90% of the work.
Karan: Is comfort zone that important?
Kajol: Yes, it is. It is that important. I feel communication is important more than comfort. If the director can’t talk to me, and tell me what he wants or explain to me that this is where it’s going wrong and this is the kind of thing we are looking at. There is no way in hell that we will have a good working rapport. 150 days on a film with the people you don’t like is hell.
Karan: What do you mean you love actors?
Ayan: I love actors! I think that unabashedly want to befriend actors. I like actors. I feel like even on a set like they are my favorite people, like actors are very like …
Karan & Kajol: Are you star struck?
Ayan: I am star struck yes but also I genuinely think that you know everyone else on the set is little bit of a majdoor on a set but actors are like royalty on a set.

Rapid Fire
With Kajol
Karan: A Co- star of yours that Ajay has been jealous of? Or irritated?
Kajol: (Laughs) Nobody!
Karan: This Hamper isn’t coming to you!! This hamper isn’t coming to you baby. So sorry. You started with great gusto..It’s gone no where
Kajol: No but there isn’t. There isn’t, he is not that kind of a guy and you know I am not that kind of a person.
Karan: Alright! The stupidest question you have ever been asked at a publicity event?
Kajol:: Do you speak English!
Karan: Somebody has really asked you this really?
Kajol: Yea, somebody said do you speak English we want you to talk in English on the stage. Do you speak English? I was like..haaa
Karan: They asked rich elite Kajol if she could speak English!!
Kajol: Exactly!! That’s exactly what went through my head at that point of time as well.
Karan: Ok! An idea which changed your life?
Kajol: A line actually that changed my life was when my Dad told me on the mahurat of Bekhudi actually he came up to me and said, “Once you put this paint on its never going to come off.” And I didn’t believe him at that point of time but a few years down the life that idea got stuck in my head, that it is not just something, it works!

Karan: If you were to ask the following people one thing what would you ask?
Shah Rukh Khan
Kajol: Why are you so candid all the time? Don’t you know that people like to hear nice pretty lies once in a while.

Karan: Rani Mukherji
Kajol: When are you getting married even I would like to know!
Karan: Aditya Chopra
Kajol: Same question (Laughs)
Karan: A person from the film industry you would like to take on a romantic date?
Kajol: My husband! I don’t get enough time with him. I would really like to take him out for a romantic date.
Karan: Why do men find Kajol sexy?
Kajol: I want to say because they have not seen Katrina or Kareena but I would say that they find a sense of humor sexy.

Karan: To which people in the industry would you recommend the following?
Plastic Surgeon
Kajol: Too many people really, actually I wouldn’t recommend a plastic surgeon to anybody because I think most of them have their own.
Karan: An acting couch
Kajol: That I think most of the people need. Most everybody needs.
Karan: There are no names coming out!

Karan: As a jury member of an imaginary award ceremony. Whom will you give these awards to?
Most irritating song
Kajol: The most irritating song is that one song, that Tui – Tui song. That Tu-Tu song, it is the most irritating song, I am sorry.
Karan: And the most ridiculous lyrics
Kajol: Again ( Tu-Tu)
Karan: Worst Remake
Kajol: Sholay
Karan: Who is the sexiest actor in the movies? Objectively today?
Kajol: My husband!
Karan: I have a Kajol song – bhala hai bura hai jaisa bhi hai mera pati mera devata hai..
Kajol: I am sorry it’s got nothing, I really find him the sexiest actor, I really like those dark brooding looks, it’s got to do with my personal taste.
Karan: Alright! Deepika, Katrina, Kareena according to you the most stunning actress?
Kajol: I think Kareena is the most beautiful of them all.

Karan: Now talent wise, acting ability wise rank these 5 in order of preference.
Deepika, Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka, Anushka
Kajol: Ok! Kareena I would say is out of that. Kareena would be the top of the list.
I think Deepika and Priyanka are kind of in par with each other so the number 2 spot is head by both of them and then following the rest of them in the order.
Karan: And the men Shah Rukh, Salman , Aamir, Ajay, Ranbir , Hrithik. Actually I should have removed Ajay, remove Ajay. No brainer where he will be positioned.
Kajol: To start with, to be very honest with you, to start with I would really say Ranbir. I really think he is seriously fantastic. Secondly there is, I think Shah Rukh and Aamir are on par with each other. There is no up or down in that. Then we come to Salman and so on. Ofcourse but if Ajay was included in that list..
Ayan: Then he would be number 1, number 1 to 5.

With Ayan
Karan: A movie you wish you could have directed?
Ayan: Rang De Basanti
Karan: A rumor you heard recently?
Ayan: That Katrina was in Dhoom 3
Karan: An actress you think is sexy?
Ayan: Katrina Kaif
Karan: An idea that changed your life?
Ayan: To accept myself the way that I am.
Karan: If you were stuck on a deserted island which are the two people from the film industry who you definitely would not want to be with?
Ayan: Deepika and Katrina together
Karan: What is that you have that no other Director of your generation has?
Ayan: Ranbir Kapoor

Karan: If you were to make biopics on these people what would you name them?
Ranbir Kapoor?
Ayan: The Artist
Karan: Deepika Padukone?
Ayan: The girl with the broken heart
Karan: Katrina?
Ayan: The Girl who Tried

Karan: Your worst nightmare, which one of these would be?
·         Your film without Ranbir Kapoor
·         Losing all your hair
·         A sex tape of you being leaked
Ayan: Oh God! Hands down, losing all my hair. Hands down!!

Karan: What do the following Directors have that you don’t?
Zoya Akhtar?
Ayan: She is more sure of herself and she is a better writer
Karan: Imtiaz Ali?
Ayan: Braver filmmaker, more surrender, more idealistic
Karan: Raju Hirani?
Ayan: He has everything that I don’t have; I want everything that he has but just some kind of magic lens of what is going on in this country.

Karan: Have you ever-
Hooked up in a public place?
Ayan: Yes
Cheated in a relationship?
Ayan: Yes
Drunk dialled an EX?
Ayan: No I don’t do Exes

Kajol: Why don’t you ask me all these questions? I would have answered you!!
Karan: Ok..so this question I am asking both of you. But you answer alternate.
What comes to your mind when I say the following?
Kajol: They write well, that is all I can say about them.
Ayan: Essential but misguided
Kajol: Too enthusiastic
Ayan: Overdoing it
Award ceremonies in India
Kajol: Rigged
Ayan: Yaa waste of time
Karan: Who would score highest if Katrina, Kareena and Deepika took an IQ test?
Ayan: Katrina

Karan: Alright! And the strangest rumor you have heard about yourself?
Ayan: That like I had to do all kind of strange things in order to get my first job with you.
Kajol: (Laughing loudly, ok he wins it)
Karan: Just to specify they were rumors and they were not true. I do not have a directorial casting couch.
Karan: Your favorite Director of the current lot?
Ayan: Anurag Basu
Karan: Deepika, Katrina or Kareena the most stunning girl?
Ayan: Katrina





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