Kunal Kohli Bollywood Twitter awards

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Dear readers, there are numerous awards ceremonies out there but we have decided that we want to add just one more. It was inspired actually by Kunal Kohli when he tweeted, “Maybe one day, soon, there’ll be bollywood Twitter awards, funniest tweet, best picture tweeted, most popular tweeter etc”. Well, Kunal you have gotten your wish because we here at BollySpice are holding the first annual Kunal Kohli Bollywood Twitter Awards.

Let’s begin with our first category which is Funniest Star Tweet. There were many possibilities but these 4 have consistently made us LOL at their 140.

One of the best of Shah Rukh Khan was: “son has learnt to catch me unawares by kicking me in the crotch. thinks its fun !! need to protect
my manhood. sons r crotching tigers.”

Rahul Khanna, 139 times out of 140 he will crack you up and this one is classic: “If underwater modesty is important to you, I can’t stress enough the value of securing your shorts’ drawstring BEFORE pushing off for a lap.”

We also loved this one from one of our followers: “@BollySpice shilpa shetty was awarded an honorary doctorate? what the??? how to pick blackheads? polish her nails? make-up? dieting?”

One star that is consistently funny in both words and pictures is Salman Khan, in his case a picture is worth 140 characters…check out some classics




Continuing with the funniest twitpic:

Uday Chopra got us with this one:

Rahul Khanna once again made us titter on twitter:

For the Strangest Star Tweet we have two winners.

Shahid Kapoor tweeted this epic in 2 parts: “So what it all about I wonder … Who should be priority in my life … What are all those random thoughts n should I be taking em seriously When in doubt .. Tweet … Put it out there in the universe .. N the answers will come … I guess”

Ram Gopal Varma is also known for his ODD tweets: “Never ever had a friend and I never ever felt a need for a friend”

It’s not always gushy and gooey when it comes to celeb tweets. Sometimes our favorite actors get controversial. Just when you thought they wanted to use a public portal site to gain fans, many of them come out to create havoc.

Most Controversial Tweets

Punit Malhotra: “Guys pls don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. Shobhaa De is a fossil going through menopause. She doesn’t get action.”

Rajeev Masand: “Need innovative ideas 2 promote films in competitive times. But Akshay Kumar grinning like a jackass at RK Laxman’s hospital bed is a new low.”

We also have the Most info in 140 category and we gave this award to to star tweeter Shah Rukh Khan who answers lots of q’s from fans in one tweet, and Vivek Oberoi also makes the most of the characters and spaces.

The big prize is Overall Best Star Tweeter and by far our writers voted Rahul Khanna as the best tweeter, but Abhishek Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Imran Khan also made our list!

Finally the star with the most followers as of this publication is Shah Rukh Khan with 579,349 followers so we give him the MOST Popular Twit Award.

So there you have it, the results of the first annual Kunal Kohli Bollywood Twitter Awards. In 140 we will say congrats to all our winners!

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