Kunal Kohli’s Beautiful PC Jewellers Ad!

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Director Kunal Kohli of the fabulous Hum Tum and Fanaa is known for his beautiful looking films and he has now focused his unique eye and camera on something new – ads and jewellry. The director has created an ad for PC Jewellers, one of the leading jewellery companies in India. The commercial showcases the new brand campaign for the company as being the “Jeweller for Generations”. This new campaign wants to convey a simple idea that a piece of PC Jewellery can be worn by a daughter and her mother.

Brought together by the fabulous Bottomline Media and Tanaaz Bhatia, this is the first time the director has worked on a 43 second film. He told BollySpice exclusively what drew him to taking on this challenge, “It was an unusual script that covered generations and dealt with a range of products. Plus I’d never done a jewelry commercial before.”

He says that the idea of Jeweller for Generations is something that he really wanted to convey in the commercial and has woven the entire script around that tagline. The ad, he says, is really about ‘reaching out to generations of women’ 

He adds the inspiration was “Timelessness. The beauty of jewelry or any precious stone is that it is a timeless treasure. We really tried to encompass that in this ad for PC Jewellers.”

After seeing the ad, we think you will agree that it is almost a mini movie, did he see it like that? “Yes and no. Ads should primarily be about sales and then followed with creativity. A creative ad that sells nothing is useless but an ad that sells the product however non creative is a good ad. Of course the idea is to achieve both!”

Of course the jewellery is the star of the film and Kunal says the ad showcases the many different types of jewellery PC Jewellers offers, “whether it is modern, classic, contemporary or for children.” Adding, “They make something for every generation, every woman and in every style.”
So what is beautiful jewellery to him? “One that makes a woman feels special! One that’s given with the right emotions.”

Check out the gorgeous Ad and the beautiful jewellery!

On the release of the new TVC, Mr. Balram Garg, Managing Director, PC Jewellers said, “The new TV commercial illustrates how PC Jeweller is the jeweller for generations. We cater to people of all ages and how we build a bond with our customers by our services. The new TV commercial is a part of the new branding initiatives to be rolled out by the company.”

We also have some exclusive behind the scenes pictures during the filming of the Kunal Kohli’s PC Jewellers, “Jeweller for Generations” ad!





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