Lara’s Philosophy

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Lara Dutta has an interesting funda which explains the secret behind the beautiful body she carries around with lots of oomph; she claims that it has to do with being spiritually content. Confused? This ex-beauty queen uses the art of yoga and meditation to keep her brainy, beautiful and full of love. She got into this popular art form during her tense break up with her ex-boyfriend of over seven years, Kelly Dorji. She believes that she learned important life lessons from being in a long relationship with him, and for that she will always be indebted to Dorji.

Lara is now in an undeclared, but seen-everywhere, relationship with Dino Morea. The two have been seen at numerous events together. Additionally, Morea surprised his lady love while she was on an outdoor shoot on an island. The duo then canoodled and spent much needed time together before lover boy Dino headed back home. For all those who had no clue, Dino Morea and Dutta’s ex, Kelly Dorji, were (note the past tense) the best of friends. Post the Dutta-Dorji breakup, that friendship seized to exist and additionally, Dorji has been seen in the company of many younger gals.

Getting back to Lara – she has always been lovely. But add to that a spiritual and ever so gracious Lara, and you truly have a beauty queen inside and out.

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