Lata going international… with Wyclef?

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Remember Wyclef Jean (perhaps from Shakira’s superhit “Hips Don’t Lie”)? Now replace the sexy Shakira by the talented Lata. Odd picture? Heck yes! However, it might just have some truth behind it.

Lata is one of the oldest and most renowned members of the Indian music industry, with over 60 years of adding melodious notes to our movies. But, as they say, there’s always time a first, right? Thus, the eternal nightingale is now considering her very first international album. If she accepts, she will feature alongside Wyclef Jean (as mentioned above) in an album by Aadesh Shrivastav, who has always been a Lata bhakt. In fact, he is the one trying relentless to persuade her to join this venture.

As out of place as it seems at first, Shrivastav wants Lata to contribute alaaps, so at least there you may be relieved. No, she isn’t going to attempt to shake her hips. He says, “Only she can bring that sense of melodious grace and harmony to that album. I’ve contributed extensively to the percussion section of the album, especially on the dhol. But without Lata didi’s voice my first international album would be adhura.” How chweet! Lataji, now how can you refuse praise like that?

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