Lekha Washington Looking Forward to 2010

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Former VJ Lekha Washington is looking forward to the John Owen directed Peter Gaye Kaam Se and is full of praise for her co-star Rajeev Khandelwal. “Rajeev is a very hardworking guy,” she says, “He is always at it. He showed me how to workout everyday. He is a very dedicated. He is quite nice and competitive. He is a good co star and very professional.” The movie is about a football crazy motorcycle taxi driver who gets unwillingly drawn into the underworld.

After her Kollywood debut in Jayam Kondan, Lekha hopes to return there for stronger roles after her Bollywood debut with Rajeev in Peter Gaye Kaam Se has proved she can act. “Though Jayam Kondan helped break the glam-gal image that SS Music had fetched me, playing a sister-role sort of got me stereotyped. It was hard landing a lead role after that. The Tamil industry’s response to me has not been as great as it has been in other languages. But with my upcoming releases in Hindi and Telugu, I’m sure that is going to change.”

Lekha’s next role in Tamil hits the floors in January and will co-star Siva. Originally called Quarter Cutting, the title is likely to change as producers must use Tamil in a film’s title in order to gain various tax concessions. Following this, Lekha is expected to start work on Rakkozhi with Jai from the same production team.

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