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Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda talks beyond numbers exploring the world of metaphysics. With his perfect predictions last year of 3 Idiots– blockbuster, Rajneeti– hit, and Kurbaan, Veer and Rocket Singh – flops, now he is all set for his new set predictions about your favorite actors numbers, patterns in subconscious mind, aura, chakras and fate of their forthcoming films.

*What is Subconscious Mind?*

Each child is born with one mind, the subconscious. The subconscious stores all the experiences and when we sleep, these experiences are processed and patterns of these experiences are created in our mind. After the age of
7-8, a critical filter is developed and divides it with the logical mind. The brain gets divided in two parts ,the right and the left. The right is
intuitive and the left side is logical. The logic mind consists of 10-12% where as the subconscious mind is 88-90%.

Imagine we being a hardware and the subconscious mind being the software. Whenever we press enter, the logic mind picks up the file from the
software(subconscious mind) and behaves in a certain way. The patterns created in the subconscious is exactly how each human behaves.
For example, if a child looks at his father struggling to make it in life, the child can perceive the situation in various aspects thus creating a pattern in the subconscious mind. The patterns created could be (a) life is a struggle, in future their life becomes a struggle, (b) nothing happens in life even after putting efforts, in future nothing happens in their life despite putting efforts, (c) my father is struggling but I will not, my life will be easy, in future these are the ones whose life become easy and all things happen easily, they
achieve huge success easily and all wonder how things are easy for him/her. Patterns in subconscious begin to get created since the child is in mother’s womb.

Every doctrine says that God is inside us. Your Subconscious mind = Your God within. The movie inception was based on the power of the subconscious mind.

*What is Chakra?*

We have an etheric body and chakras are a part of it. Chakras are energy centers of our body. They are wheel shaped and move clock wise. They send energy to all the organs of the body. There are major and minor chakras in the body. Each part of the body is made of chakra, each chakra has its
function and they are connected with thoughts. The functioning of the chakras reflects decisions we make concerning how we choose to respond to
conditions in our life. When negative thoughts come in mind, the chakras move anti clockwise and accumulates negative energies and with the accumulation of negative energies over a period of time causes various health issues in the physical body. Each chakra has its own properties such
as anger, love, intelligence, fear ,etc.

*What is Aura?*

It is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body like a halo. These particles of energy are around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field. This is in a shape of an egg and emits out from the body approximately 2-3 feet on all sides. It extends above the head and below the
feet into the ground too.

The aura consist of seven layers/auric bodies. Each one of the subtle bodies that exist around the physical body, has its own unique frequency.
They are interrelated, and affect one another and the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, behaviour, and health as well. Therefore, a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others. Each human is unique and all have different color of aura depending
on how they conduct their life.

Ranbir Kapoor:
He is number 1, and his name comes to number 40 which is a cyclic number.He needs to add an extra “a” in his name and spell as Ran’a’bir Kapoor to get to number 41 which will take him to huge heights. If you notice after the super hit Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, he had a flop Rocket Singh and then a hit Raajneeti as predicted. His next Anjaana Anjaani comes to number 30 which is an average number, thus average merits. If he does not add the extra ‘a’ then he will continue to have cyclic career of ups and downs.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: He has a very strong pattern for being a successful actor. He has had broken relationships in the past and needs to work on the relationship issue.

Chakras: Presently his solar and ajna chakras are disturbed. This will give him frustration and makes him take wrong decisions.

Aura: Due to disturbed chakras, his aura is greyish presently and that means some issues are disturbing him and he needs to let go of it because it might effect his health.

Hrithik Roshan:
He is number 1 and His name comes to number 43, a number which takes people to huge heights but it also has a negative side, it gives health issues and all are aware that HR has had knee injury in the past. He needs to add an extra ‘c’ in his name and spell as Hrithi’c’k Roshan which would come to number 46 and get him sync with his own number. His next movie Guzarish comes to number 28 which is not a good number and does not vibe
with Sanjay Leela Bhansali as he is number 6, so it will not work at the box office. But as HR is number 1 and title number 28=1, he will be loved for his performance.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: A very strong pattern that success is achievable with hard work and effort, that’s why you will always hear that he
works hard on his characters to give good results and its also seen in his performance, puts in great efforts to do justice to the role.

Chakras: Heart chakra is disturbed presently, he needs to forget Kites and move on with life. Holding back will only create further inner blocks.

Aura: Black which means hatred towards self and lack of forgiveness.

Aamir Khan:
As predicted his last movie 3 Idiots was a blockbuster as it came to number 23 and vibed with Aamir number 5, Vinod Chopra number 5 and Rajkumar Hirani number 2. When time favors all izz well. His
next two home productions Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly both come to number 32=5 and Aamir is number 5. Needless to say both will do fantastic business at the box office.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: Lacking trust in others is strong in him which is known by his interference with his directors. He thinks by only
being different one can succeed and he has to do all by himself.

Chakras: Presently all his chakras are in sync.

Aura: Green which means operating from heart, balanced, leading towards growth and change in thoughts.

Shah Rukh Khan:
The lucky man whose name comes to number 42, one of the most powerful numbers of numerology has taken him to huge success. His next movie Ra 1 / Ra One (spelling to be finalized) comes to number 4/20.
Both the numbers are average and thus it shall give average merits at box office as per cost of the movie.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: Everything happens easily and thus he has made it extremely big in no time, he was accepted from his first movie Deewana. He still has childhood money insecurity and thus you will see him doing anything for money and selling himself as a product.

Chakra: Basic, which means he is fighting for his position as number one, the survival instinct to be where he has been past many years.

Aura: Red which means he has extreme anger and frustration towards friction of business associates.

Akshay Kumar:
He is number 9 and his name comes to number 28, a cyclic number thus he has a hit and many flops. His next movie Action Replayy comes to number 42 a very strong number but a tagline has
been added to it and now its Action Replayy in eastman color, which comes to number 99, a
bad number. Thus this movie will have a mixed response and a tough one to recover its cost.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: Success comes with a struggle.He has made his mark after struggling for more than 15 years with more flops than hits.

Chakra: Ajna which means he is taking wrong decisions for his career and it can be seen as most of the movies being co-produced by him are flops at box-office.

Aura: Mixture of black and grey means a fear towards present situation.

Kareena Kapoor:
Her name comes to number 48 which is average, thus in a span of 10 years she has managed to have only a couple of hits. She should spell her name as Karrinaa Kapoor=42 and being a number 3, it will take her to a new level of success. Her next movie is We Are Family=37 an outstanding number but it was made with the title Step Mom =35, therefore the movie will just be average.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: Life is to be lived with success and wealth. First her life comes before anything else.She will always take decisions in all aspects of her life which is to her benefit without any sacrifice.

Chakra: Navel which means she has fear of the future, scared if the films she is working in will not work, scared of her past decisions.

Aura: Yellow which means child like behavior, optimist, egoistic, alert and easy going.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
The lucky girl whose name Aishwarya Rai before marriage had come to number 25 and after marriage number 50 by adding Bachchan. Success has been easy for her as both 25 and 50 vibe with her as she is number 1. Her next movie Action Replayy in eastman colourwill be average as it comes to number 99 and Endhiran -The Robot opposite Rajinikanth will do huge business as it comes to number 64.

Subconscious Mind Pattern: Life is easy, everything comes easily in all aspects of life. If you look back ,as a model she made it big without
struggle and further she made her debut in movies and was accepted despite her debut film being flop. In a span of 13 years as actress her hit films can be counted on your fingers but she still commands the highest price.Her personal life rocks too and with ease and grace, she got in the Bachchan family.

Chakra: Sacral which means even after having everything she is still not enjoying life at the fullest.

Aura: Maroon which means she is grounded, realistic, active with strong will power.

Shekhar Kapur makes his comeback with Paani which comes to number 16
same as Dil Se which was produced by him with Mani Ratnam, so same box office fate.

Rajnikanth comes this year with Endhiran – The Robot which comes to number 64, an outstanding number and this year is 2010=3 and Rajnikanth is number 3, the movie will do huge business.

Niraj Mancchanda can be contacted on nirajmancchanda@gmail.com or www.nirajmancchanda.org

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