Love Actually or Pyaar Impossible

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They’d confirmed the Shahid-Priyanka break-up after months of hints and guessing. The two friends (the only definite label we can give them) stopped following each other on Twitter, breaking even their supposed “friendship” and then Shahid was rumored to be flirting with a non-Bollywood mystery woman in Goa.

That saga was over and the media closed their pages, after months of guessing and pages of rumors.

Then, at Pyaar Impossible‘s preview screening, Shahid Kapur not only attended but sat next to PC. They seemed to be pretty flirty at the meeting.

And that’s not all – while promoting his movie Chance Pe Dance, Shahid revealed that “Priyanka is a wonderful co-star. It has always been fun working with her. I think woh mujhe pasand toh karti hain. Main bhi unhe pasand karta hoon,” said Shahid.

Is this all a part of their elaborate plan for ultimate media coverage? Now that would be a mind-boggling, kaminey conspiracy, albeit absolutely genius.

In any case, we wish PC and Shahid the best of luck – together or not.

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