Love Story 2050 to have “10 times more FX than Krrish”

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The upcoming Love Story 2050, starring Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja, is set in two different time periods. According to Harry Baweja, the producer and director of the film, the special effects being created for the scenes set in the future are going to be quite impressive. In fact, Baweja has brought in several teams from all over the world and the film is going to have more FX than any film that has been made.

Baweja says, “We divided the FX in Love Story 2050 over five international studios. Technicians involved with films like Lord Of The Rings are part of our film.”

However doing the FX does add to the time needed to complete the film, “We started shooting on Sep 3, 2006, and finished in March 2007. Any special effects film is bound to take that long… not to compare myself with anyone else. But my film has 10 times more FX than Krrish,” he explained.

He is excited about being on the cutting edge of using this technology and said, “I’m glad I was the one to bell the cat. Everyone seems to have woken up to the powers of special effects. The audience now wants to see more FX films. I feel after my film’s release there’ll be dozens of such films on the floor. This is the future of Indian cinema.”

Besides adding all the FX, Baweja is also concentrating on keeping the running time of Love Story 2050 to a reasonable limit, “Mine is an epic kind of film. The story needs to move smoothly in time. The time factor is a problem. We tried to get it down to two hours and 30 minutes, but we’ll have to keep it at two hours and 50 minutes.”

With this film Harman, Harry’s son, will be making his debut in the industry and the proud papa said, “Like Hrithik, Harman understands cinema and the camera. That really helps. He’s a fast learner and growing by the day. He has been learning very fast. Even if I weren’t his father, I’d rate him very highly.”

Adding, “Harman is being targeted at the youth. He’s young, energetic and part of the Gen X, so he’s being given a launch where the audience gets to feel the excitement of a spectacle. This time my responsibilities are tremendous.”

The film is set to release on July 4th and Baweja is still deciding on how many prints will be released, “But after the encouraging response to the theatrical trailer, we feel the print order will be far more than we had anticipated. All I can tell you is nothing like this has been attempted before.”

Keep checking back because we will keep you up to date on all the news about this futuristic FX laden film.

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