LUV KA THE END – Teddy ‘y-rals’

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Y Films, the new youth films banner from Yash Raj Films is certainly out to make its mark with a fresh new take on films! They are starting off with a bang with Luv Ka the End! This anti rom-com starring Shraddha Kapoor is set to hit theaters this May. Not only will the films be unique they are going with a cool new way to begin the promotions of the films!

Check it: Whoever said Luv is hard wasn’t kidding. Catch the mad Luv Ka the End Teddy ‘y-rals’ created by Y-Films.

Featuring the cute and cuddly Teddy Rhea, her boyfriend Teddy Luv and the hottie Teddy Nats in different settings – from a coffee shop, to the beach, a movie theatre and more. Each episode showcases how the cutie gets even with her cheating boyfriend in a graphic manner. But be prepared for some serious blood, pain and intestines – you have been warned – oh yeah, Luv will hurt!

Episode 1 – “Luv Ka The End – at the Beach”

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