Luv Ka The End

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Y-Films, Yash Raj Film’s new banner for the youth and by the youth, is set on changing the Hindi film world. They come with a new vibe and a new way to tell stories with new casts, new directors, and even new music! Their maiden film, Luv Ka the End is set to release on May 6th and stars Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Shenaz Treasuryvala, and Jannat Zubair Rahmani. This film is not about young love at 18 as would be standard in a Bollywood film. Instead, the plot follows what happens when the perfect guy ends up to be a dog and what the perfect girl does when love goes wrong. See what I mean by a new vibe?! Directed by Bumpy, the film’s music was composed by Ram Sampath with lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The first song promos certainly have been intriguing both visually and musically and has everyone excited to see what is in store. Does the music live up to the promise of those first sneak peeks and the promise the film has made to be young and new? Read on to find out!

The title song Luv Ka The End starts off with a hard thumping beat that has a rock guitar edge added in to give it a bit more flavor. Aditi Singh Sharma has the perfect roughness to her voice to match up to the driving rock rhythm. It smoothes out in the chorus to become more of an 80s pop/electronic-ish song, which I liked somewhat, but it was a bit cheesy sounding. The best part of the song were the sections that were full of anger and angst both musically and lyrically. I would have preferred the song stay on that harder vibe throughout – need I say that totally ROCKED! But overall it is a good track that will get you up dancing around your room or car dancing as you drive, so give it a spin or two.

Aditi Singh Sharma is back with Freak Out, and joining her is the fabulous Joi Barua. ‘Freak Out’ has already created quite the stir because of the totally cool video. The song has a nice peppy punch to the beginning and keeps that bouncy beat going to the very end. Sharma and Barua are a very good pairing; their vocals compliment each other perfectly. It is a pop track with a tinge of a rock mixed in, but the music is really only average. It is the vocals, the lyrics and the video that make this song too good. Y-films is all about the youth, what they relate to, what they do, what will make them move, sing and party. Lyrics like ‘Facebook update aaj ho / Parlour mein massage ho’ this song is a good representation of that. A nice song to listen to, but you must watch the video to get the full awesome flavor.

When I first heard the song Tonight I thought wow, how cool. It has an alternative feel and that is not something you hear in Hindi film music very often. I loved that unique tone to Suman Sridhar vocals. Suman shines on the stanzas, especially the little bit of scat she throws in, and she also shows the power of her voice on the refrain. Musically good with a light touch to the instrumentation, it matches her voice with a nice new sound. The song is about a young girl, her 18th birthday, and her dream for a perfect date. Like with many Hindi film tracks, this one I think will get better once seen in the romance-y, dreamy context of the movie. Listen to hear this fresh voice: Suman Sridhar is definitely a singer to keep your ear on!

The Mutton Song. Yes, you read that right it is indeed titled ‘The Mutton Song’. This is the item number of the film, but this being Y-films it has a rather interesting twist. It is not Katrina, Malaika or Aish dancing to the beat; it is Taaha Shah … the male star of the film. Krishna Beura is at the mic and sings the beginning Qawaali sections outstandingly. But remember, this is Y-films, so it switches up into something totally different. A very fast paced club mix with all sorts of Indian beats added in to make it a good track. Krishna handles the rapid beat with ease as well. It is a bit mad, a bit crazy, both musically and lyrically, and fits the item-ish song by Taaha Shah. You just have to experience this one for yourself.

Ali Zafar comes in next with F.U.N. Fun Funaa, the climax song of the film. Another pop track with a very strong rock underlay, this one too has an innovative beat that makes it stand out. Of course, Zafar’s vocals are what make the song. I liked this one from the first beats and continued to get into the groove of the song. I actually wished for a bit of a stronger beat by the drums, but the guitar riffs are fabulous. It got me doing the arm groove head dance while listening to it taking notes for the review. (You all do that too right? While on Twitter or Facebook? I know you do!)

Then there is the odd entry on the album. Not sure why they included Heppy Budday Beybee No 6 by comedian Jimmy Moses, but it is there. Maybe once we see the film it will make sense, for now I will just say hmmm.

Ram Sampath certainly went with the brief from Y-films to create youthful, fresh sounding songs and ran with it. The vocals are outstanding; I loved every voice on the tracks. The music was good, but for me a bit too much on the teeny pop sound; I would have liked a bit more depth. Overall it is a great album for the age, the mood, and the essence of the film. I think it will add much to this new genre Y-films is creating. Give it a listen!

Our Rating

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