Madhavan’s Playful Pranks on Swara Bhaskar

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Headed out and up the road to fame is Swara Bhaskar, starring in the multi-starrer Tanu Weds Manu, which opens today. For some the path to stardom might seem like quite a rocky one, but Swara’s well known co-stars seem to be smoothing things out and making the experience fun for her.

Word has it, that famous Bollywood actor R Madhavan (who plays a lead role in the movie) along with the chief assistant director and Deepak Dobriyal recently played a friendly prank on Swara. The story goes like this – one day on the sets while getting ready to shoot a dance sequence, the cast was informed that legendary Indian dance choreographer Saroj Khan would be choreographing their dance steps. Swara was innocently excited and thrilled hearing this, being a huge Saroj Khan fan.

Realizing this, Madhavan’s mischief-making antennas began buzzing with energy and he came up with a scheme, where they introduced innocently oblivious Swara to a lady that looked a little similar to Saroj-ji on the sets. Blinded and star struck, Swara carelessly let her guard down and began animatedly expressing her love and respect for Saroj-ji, she also touched the woman’s feet in respect while the others stood by and watched biting on their tongues, emotions and patience holding back the laughter.

It was not long before, Swara stopped abruptly amidst her emotion-filled enthusiastic praise and gullible conversation and realized with a fear-filled shocked expression that she was not talking to the real Saroj Khan, just someone who looked like her. That’s when Madhavan barked out his long suppressed laugh leaving Swara to feel all goofy and embarrassed, though relieved.

She obviously took the joke in good spirits and sometimes it’s camaraderie like this that always make all the hard work these actors put in easy and all the more memorable. Tanu Weds Manu is in theaters today and one can only hope that the audiences enjoy the movie more than the cast seem to have enjoyed themselves acting in it.

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