Madhuri says no to Rajnikanth

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It’s that time again as the formidable force that is Rajnikanth starts his mayhem on his fans all over the world. After the massively successful, Endhiran/Robot, the Superstar of the south has began his next project with Dasavatharam director K.S.Ravikumar. The combination of this director-actor has seen smash hit films like Muthu and Padaiyappa previously and it amidst high expectations as both K.S.Ravikumar and Rajnikanth both seen success with Manmadhan Ambu and Endhiran respectively and are aiming for a third bang-on-the-dot blockbuster. But what does this have to do with our dancing diva, the Madhuri Dixit? The lovely lady is the latest to be approached for an important role in Rajnikanth’s new film, titled Rana. However, it seems she has politely declined.

As usual speculations about the reasons why she has said no have started. Rajnikanth is supposedly to be seen in three characters in the film and Madhuri’s role would be his sister. Rumour mongers claim that the reasoning behind Madhuri declining the role was that she was not willing to become a sister character while most filmmakers still considered her a leading lady. It has also been rumoured that she wasn’t happy about sharing screen space with not one but two other actresses, one of which has been confirmed as Deepika Padukone. But a distributor associated with the film has shunned the jealous rivalry rumours, calling it all rubbish and told Times Of India Mads had “excused herself saying that she was missing her sons Arin and Raayan too much and wanted to fly back to the United States.”

However, the reason for the no is now clear because Madhuri posted a tweet explaining her decision, “Would have loved to do a film with Rajnikant, but the role was that of his sister…need to wait for the right role.”

So, now we must wait until she does find that right role that will bring Madhuri back to the silver screen. We know we can’t wait!

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