Mahi Gill – Aiming for the Top

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After her strong performance in Dev D, Mahi Gill is working hard to achieve her ambitions and has been busy promoting Gulaal. She has been talking warmly about her experience of working alongside Kay Kay Menon. “It was brilliant! Everyone knows he’s an exceptional actor, but while shooting for the film I realised he’s a brilliant co-actor as well. He made the shots very easy for me. Even in scenes where he was not required, he helped me get the emotions right.”

Mahi, who began her career in the resurgent Punjabi cinema, appears opposite Shreyas Talpade in her next movie, Aage Se Right. Kay Kay Menon is also in it as well as the promising Sheraz Treasurywala. It’s a comedy based on a chase between a cop and a terrorist.

After that, it’s a biopic about champion steeplechase athlete Paan Singh Tomar who ruled the event in India for about seven years. Later in his life, however, he became a dacoit terrorising the Chambal Valley. The film will star Irrfan Khan.

Mahi is enjoying her current critical success. Life has not always been easy for her. A bitter divorce led to a bout of depression and then a decision to make a new start in Mumbai. “I decided to move to Mumbai after I went through a low phase due to the separation,” she explains, “After moving to Mumbai I had no work and struggled for three and a half years.”

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