Mallika’s Hissss unveiled in Los Angeles

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Jennifer Lynch and Mallika Sherawat will be appearing at the annual Fangoria event at the Los Angeles Convention Centre beginning on April 18th. They will unveil clips of the new movie Hissss and sit on a panel before groups of horror fans. With positive vibes towards Bollywood riding high in the US in the wake of Slumdog Millionaire, the producers hope that Hissss might also take the country by storm and they are emphasising in publicity that Irrfan Khan also stars in the new movie.

When asked why she opted for such an unusual role, Mallika said, “I have always taken risks, done unconventional things. This role too is very unusual — my get-up is something never before seen in Bollywood movies. I have to express emotions through my eyes as I don’t have any dialogue.”

Mallika has devoted nearly a year of her life to this movie and has high hopes that it will lead to a career in Hollywood along the lines of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She has been in LA for several weeks working on post-production and was recently at a fund-raiser for the Indian International Film Festival of Los Angeles where she was auctioned for $1400! “She was particularly kicked about the Celebrity Live Auction event,” said a source, “It offered the winner the chance to spend a day with Mallika at a professional photo shoo and a chance to enjoy lunch on the set with Mallika and have his/her picture taken with the actress by a professional celebrity photographer.”

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