“Mamta Sharma always dreamt of a break in Bollywood”

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Of course if you talk about the biggest songs of last year, Munni Badnaam Hui is going to make that list. As for the singer Mamta Sharma, with her fabulous rendition of the hit song, she is on everyone’s list as one of the top singers of last year. Mamta struck gold when she accepted Arbaaz Khan’s offer to sing Munni Badnaam Hui and has since then collected almost all the awards for Best Female Playback singer at many prestigious award ceremonies. What a lot of people don’t know is that the singer has been performing in Holland since 2003 and on February 12th will be singing in Holland for the 14th time. We spoke to the man who ‘discovered’ her talent and introduced the
country to the singing superstar of the future. Bobby Bisoen has known Mamta since 2003 and says. “Ever since 2003 Mamta has been performing in the Netherlands. She is one amazing talented singer.”

“Mamta had sung Kaanta Lagaa”

Did you know Mamta Sharma had originally sung the song Kaanta Lagaa? Nor did I. This would have been her big breakthrough, but things didn’t go like they should have. Bobby told us what happened, “Mamta had sung the remix of Kaanta Lagaa for T-series, but in a very strange way the song was recorded and sung by someone else and became a
big hit all over. Unfortunately this didn’t work out for her.” So moving on from that Mamta, in 2003 joined singer Sukhwinder Singh during his European tour, “The reason she joined this tour is, because I always felt she is a very gifted singer. She can sing in eleven different voices. She can also imitate several singers like Lata Mangeshkar and
Asha Bhonsle. Even Noor Jehan.” Bobby also says he was surprised to find out that Mamta can even sing songs backwards.

“She entertains till the very end”

Bobby says people in Holland were a bit hesitant at first like they are with every newcomer, but when they saw her perform, they were literally blown away and have loved her concerts since. “It’s awkward to welcome a new singer as one doesn’t know what to expect. But once they had experienced her energy on stage, they were all praise. Around 2004 she had the audience wrapped around her finger. Because when she is on stage, she sets the stage on fire. She knows how to keep the audience entertained. She is not only a great singer, but also a great comedian. She performs shayari’s on stage as well. You get a full package deal with her.” Speaking on a personal level he adds, “She is a very talented and friendly person, no egos at all.”

“Bollywood was on her wishlist”

According to him singing for Bollywood was one of Mamta’s dreams, “It was a wish of her to get a break in the film industry. The film industry is very big and it’s really hard to make a name out there, but she kept trying. Besides that she has a very busy schedule. She performed at weddings, parties of embassies. I always told her: Why don’t you give Bollywood a try, it might work out. But her agenda was packed so there wasn’t much time to focus on a career in Bollywood, though she kept on trying to make her dream come true”, says Bobby. One day there was this knock on her door that changed her whole life. “Then came the offer of Arbaaz Khan to sing for his very first production.” She sang the song Munni Badnaam Hui and it took not only India but the whole world by storm. Mamta Sharma had arrived in a big way.”

Huge success means a lot of fans and a huge crowd and Bobby says he now needs to start thinking bigger for her concerts in Holland. “The shows she used to do here earlier were mostly for a smaller audience. I think this year we have to think bigger. But in the end, the show will be entertaining as always.”

“I feel proud”

Bobby is very proud of her and says he has always believed in her. “I really award her this success. Though I have had nothing to do with her success, it is still a great feeling to see someone’s dream come true. I have always believed in her. When you see her perform you just feel and know that something big is planned for her. And now this
talented singer finally gets her due. She will be the next singing superstar, believe me”, says Bobby with a smile.

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