Marriage is the Main Course for Eesha Koppikar

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Eesha Koppikar is keen to finish off all her commitments before her marriage to Timmy Narang later this month. According to a source, “Eesha is finishing all assignments before her wedding including Right Ya Wrong and Hello Darling, a comedy again by Ghai’s Mukta Arts including others.” Her other unfinished films are Har Pall and Shabri.

Esteemed restaurateur Timmy is currently on an extended bachelor party in Bangkok and the two are scheduled to get married on November 29th in a traditional Mangalorean ceremony. Eesha has confirmed she will continue to act after marriage.

Eesha, who is a blackbelt in Taekwondo, is hosting the De Dhana Dhan wrestling reality show. Whilst shooting in South Africa recently for the show, she went on wildlife safari near Johannesburg. “The experience was thrilling and endearing,” she said, “Not only did I get a chance to see lions up close in person, but I also got a chance to play with the cubs. They pulled, scratched, even tried to bite but it didn’t matter, as I was so happy just to be there. I also had the rare privilege to see the white Albino lion. It’s a thing of beauty, as only nature can make.” Just like Eesha really.

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