Meenakshi Also Wants Gold

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With so many stars hoping to send a new wave of southern glamour crashing onto the golden shores of Bollywood, among them Trisha, Tamannah, Laxmi and Suriya, it’s no surprise that Meenakshi would not want to be left behind. But it‘s not just the money, she’s after. “For me, it’s the acting part that has always been most fascinating,” she explains, “The fame and fortune are big attractions too, but the craft comes first. And if I should get a good role in Hindi, I would love to do it. And if I am to do a bit of glamour, I don’t mind. Glamour sells. That’s what the people want. That’s what we are giving to them.”

Another Bengali beauty often compared to Bipasha Basu, Meenakshi stunned the audience earlier this year with her glamorous look in TN 07 AL 4777 opposite Paupathy. A remake of Taxi Number 9211, it showed Meenakshi had a far wider range than the simple girl she played in the earlier Karuppusamy Kuthgaidarar with Karan.

Meenakshi is currently shooting with Mammootty for Chattambi Nadu. The film, in which Meenakshi plays a village doctor, also features Laxmi and Mythili. Meanwhile, Agapuram with Shaam is about to be released. Her fans may notice a more slimline Meenakshi in this film as she seeks to attract the attention of Bollywood producers. How did she lose weight so quickly? “I was under the strict regime of a dietician, practised yoga, hit the gym, tried my best to be vegetarian and avoided my favourite crab masala and rosagullas. That seems to have worked,” she concluded.

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