Michelle Yeoh wants to star opposite SRK!

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Acclaimed Asian actress Michelle Yeoh, star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and many other films, is a fan of Bollywood! Recently she revealed she would love to star opposite one of the biggest stars working today; Shah Rukh Khan!

Yeoh said to PTI, “I am an Asian and I like Indian films a lot. Have seen a couple of them in subtitles.”

Adding, “I know Shah Rukh Khan is quite famous in India and I would love to star opposite him. But unfortunately no calls yet. But, yes I wish I could get to work with him as a lead actress, be it a Hollywood or Indian film.”

In theaters in India now is Yeoh’s sci-fi thriller Babylon AD. The film also stars Vin Diesel and he feels Indian audiences will like the incredible stunts in the movie. Diesel said, “It’s an action packed thriller and I think hard-core action fans in India are going to appreciate it.” Yeoh agrees and hopes the film is a success!

If she ever does get that call from King Khan we will be sure to report it so watch this space for more!

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