Mike Myers – Bollywood Superstar?

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Mike Myers, the star of The Love Guru, has already put a few noses out of joint with his new movie but claims he would “love to be in a Bollywood film.”

“If a Bollywood director wants to hire a 45-year-old Scottish-English-Canadian actor, who does comedy, I’m their man.” he went on to say. However, as he explains, The Love Guru is not poking fun at Hinduism but rather the way people in the west will cherry pick ideas from the great religion in order to create the semblance of spirituality – an increasing trend amongst bored western intellectuals since the 1960s.

The fun film contains parody elements of Bollywood, including a dance sequence with Jessica Alba in an orange sari – works for me!

Mike adds that people protesting about the film should really see it first – those who have seen the film have simply found it funny and in no way offensive.

Myers, who is a close friend of Deepak Chopra, found fame in the UK’s Wide Awake Club, on the television show, Saturday Night Live and the Wayne’s World and Austin Powers movies. He’s also the voice behind Shrek. Although he has lived most of his life in Canada, he was in fact born in Liverpool and he carries a British passport.

He is also developing a movie, See Me Feel Me, about the Who’s legendary drummer, Keith Moon, which he describes as a genuine tragi-comedy.

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