Milenge Milenge

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It is so crucial when reviewing a movie that has been delayed or deleted and brought back, to walk into the cinema hall with an open mind that it won’t be a disaster as history dictates. So that’s what I do as I catch up, finally, with this Boney Kapoor production, Satish Kaushik directorial and Shahid-Kareena starrer. Satish Kaushik has some memorable blockbuster love stories to his name, Boney Kapoor ruled the box office with Salman’s Wanted and Shahid-Kareena created magic with Jab We Met, so all is well indeed as far as the ingredients of this Serendipity remake is concerned. However in just thirty minutes into the film I realize that history dictates for a reason and that this delayed film will most likely see the fate that met all others like it.

Remaking a Hollywood film is something Hindi cinema has done since time immemorial and they usually do quite well! With a bit of spicing up in the form of song, dance and the rich Indian culture many of them turn out to be far better than their Hollywood counterparts. However sadly for Satish Kaushik and Boney Kapoor Milenge Milenge will not be one of those films as it strays miles away from the John Cusack-Kate Beckinsale classic.

Emmy (Shahid Kapoor) is your average college going bloke who rules his gang of friends. On a trip to Bangkok for a youth festival he encounters Priya (Kareena Kapoor) and happens to land her diary. As you expect, the diary has Priya’s list of attributes she wants her perfect man to posses and also has details of a tarot card reading she had done earlier. Emmy takes it upon himself to now become Priya’s perfect man by making the predictions come true whilst possessing all the traits she dreams her perfect man to possess. However all hell breaks loose when Priya uncovers his plan. How they separate and reunite with destiny dictating their every move, makes up the rest of Milenge Milenge.

It’s likely that you’re already nodding off from that synopsis so in case you are, avoid the film at all costs! It fails to entertain, fails to grasp your attentions, fails to give you any decent performances and just fails all around. Satish Kaushik clearly is stuck in the 90’s and needs a time machine pronto to wheel him out of there! The film is late in releasing but was still meant for this millennium and not the 90’s thus it’s likely that even if it had released at the right time it still wouldn’t work. Very few love stories have the rare trait of being timeless, DDLJ being the obvious name that comes to mind, and Milenge Milenge without a doubt is nowhere near that caliber of a timeless love story.

The film is illogicalness personified! Not only is the story unrelatable, the character are simply unbelievable and not in a good sense. Its rather odd seeing Kareena Kapoor play the sweet and na

Our Rating

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