Minissha Says Good Bye to Renzil D Silva Project

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Casting issues for the supporting cast for Renzil D Silva’s untitled project to be produced by Dharma Productions continues.

Tara Sharma who was cast in a supporting role had to exit the project due to her pregnancy and upon her departure from the venture Rensil cast Minissha Lamba in the project. However the latest news is that even Minissha Lamba has had to say good bye to the prestigious project.

The actress despite being very enthusiastic about her small yet influential role in the film refused to shoot an intimate scene with co-star Vivek Oberoi. At her refusal Rensil opted to approach the production house for a re-cast. Minissha Lamba who had shot an onscreen kissing sequence with Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae Haseeno refused to do the same with co-star Vivek Oberoi for this project for an unknown reason.

Comments are yet to make rounds from the actress and Rensil in reference to the scene in questions however, the originally casted actresses Tara Sharma did disclose to Mid-Day that such a scene was narrated to her but she had made it very clear that she wouldn’t be comfortable shooting such a sequence to which Rensil’s reply was that he would do his best to work around it as it was not an absolutely necessity to the storyline.

Well, the truth seems to be somewhat distorted. If the scene wasn’t needed why didn’t Rensil make the exception once again as he promised to Tara? Has Minissha indeed left the project for this reason or another? Only time will tell but be sure to stay tuned to BollySpice and we’re sure to reveal all secrets about this interesting romantic thriller in the horizon that stars the hot pair of Saifeena in lead roles!

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