More about Bumpy, the director of Luv Ka the End!

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We have seen lots of fresh and unique promos for the upcoming film Luv Ka the End and even told you some cool trivia about how star Shraddha Kapoor got the lead role as Rhea. Now we have some insider scoop about the dreadlocked director Bumpy or should we say Vivek Mathur…

It seems Bumpy’s real name is Vivek Mathur, but apparently he is so used to be called Bumpy he has forgotten his own name. Yes, that is true. During the shooting of Luv Ka the End, someone from the cine workers union came and asked for Vivek Mathur to check his director’s card. Bumpy, who was on the set wouldn’t respond because he had forgotten his own name. This talented dude has also missed a free upgrade voucher from an airline when he was called by his name to go and pick it up. Whoever said,’What’s in a name?’

Another interesting tidbit is that Bumpy does a Hitchcockian appearance in the film. If you know you classic Hollywood cinema, in almost every film Hitchcock made, somewhere he appeared in the film, once only as a shadow, much like Subash Ghai who always seems to pop up somewhere in his films as well. So how did Bumpy join in that league, even when he wasn’t keen on acting? Let me set the scene… Daman Ramachandran is Karthikeyan’s (played by Rahul Pardasany) elder brother in the film. This was a critical character that triggers the story by telling Rhea what Luv Nanda is doing. So we wanted a freak to play a freak. And we managed to get Cyrus Sahukar to play the role. We did a look test, a rehearsal and were good to go. It also helped the fact that Cyrus and Rahul looked like real brothers. But that was to be the end of Cyrus’ role in the film. Unfortunately, a day before the shoot, Cyrus’ dates clashed with ours and he had to pull out of the film. And we were left without an actor. But not without talent. We had Bumpy on the set. And we pushed him to do the role. Initially, he we as very apprehensive about it. Ashish, the producer of the film was convinced about this as he had seen Bumpy’s popularity soar due to his bytes on the making of Roadies. His unique look, his dreads and his shorts made him famous. And Bumpy became Daman, the South Indian character and elder brother to Karthikeyan in Luv Ka The End.

Finally what would you say if you were a new director meeting Aditya Chopra for the first time? In true Y-films style, when the producer of Luv Ka the End, Ashish Patil introduced Bumpy to Aditya Chopra something was bothering Bumpy. The only million dollar question that he asked was, ‘Full pant pehenna padega kya?’

Luv Ka the End, Bumpy’s debut directorial project and the first film from the new banner Y-films, hits theaters on May 6th! Be sure to check it out!

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