More About Tamasha including the full synopsis!

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15oct_Tamasha-stills06We and we are sure you can’t wait to see Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha, which hits theaters on November 15th! From the very first annoucement, to the intriguing first looks and the trailer, this romantic film has definitely been on our must watch list!

We just learned the music for Tamasha, composed by the great AR Rahman will drop on 16th October. Talking about the music the director said to Indian Express, “My brief to AR Rahman was tamasha. I feel that one’s most personal feelings end up becoming a tamasha in one’s life. For instance, we have a happy Bhangra song in the film, Heer toh badi sad hai where we celebrate pain in a foolish and funny way.”

Here’s the intriguing synopsis: Tara (Deepika Padukone), a young Indian girl finds herself stranded on the French island of Corsica after she loses all her possessions. In this time of distress, she meets Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) an Indian backpacker who extends to help her. Ved, drawn to theatrics sets a condition to make their rendezvous more interesting. During their time together they are obliged not to disclose their real identities to each other only to make their trip unpredictable. For the next week, the two spend an indulgent time in Corsica having the time of their lives, until she finds a way to return back to India. Four years later, Tara finds Ved again. This time though, she finds him ordinary and lacking in charm that she remembered him for and ultimately rejects his proposal. Ved is unable to handle the rejection which further triggers a chain of events. He realizes the instincts that Tara missed in him and this now leads him on a journey of self-discovery as he sets out to pursue Tara.

Talking about Deepika and Ranbir’s characters he (Imtiaz) said, “Tara is an eloquent person, she is quick, walks with smaller steps, emotionally agile. Ved is a chalta phirta storyteller — he imagines stories and is always telling them.”

What is so interesting is that Imtiaz revealed in that interview that he changed things as he saw them perform the roles in the film, “They are very good actors as well as stars. I feel, as a director, I can do better with them around. There are so many scenes in the film that I’ve discovered while rehearsing with them. I have actually gone back and written scenes after seeing them perform. I like my actors to be participative in my filmmaking process and they both do that. Ranbir surprises me all the time. He made me feel as if this is the first time we are working together. He’s really organic as an actor. Sometimes, you wonder if he’s doing anything at all. As for Deepika, I share her happiness that she’s now recognised as an actor.”

In the end, the director says Tamasha ‘is trying to say that don’t follow a template, break the routine, be unique and write your own story. It’s that line by Rumi (poet): “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

Adding, “In this film, love means when someone gets you more than you get yourself. It’s about that one person that you just can’t bullshit. You can fool the entire world except that person.”

In case you missed it here is the trailer!

Watch this space for more on Tamasha!

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