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TE3N PosterOne of the most compelling suspense thrillers of contemporary Indian cinema, TE3N (Translates: Thr3e), is set to release worldwide on 10th June 2016. One of things that has us so excited is that Ribhu Dasgupta directs a a very exciting and incredible cast of some of India’s most coveted acting talents – celebrated veteran, Amitabh Bachchan; golden boy of new age Indian cinema, Nawazuddin Siddiqui; and champion of the female-centric genre, Vidya Balan. The three, screen powerhouses are united onscreen in a darkly atmospheric suspense thriller, set against a cryptic backdrop of Kolkata’s labyrinthine by-lanes and alleyways. An Indian film for an international platform, TE3N has been creatively produced by Sujoy Ghosh, whose 2012 release, Kahaani (Translate: Story), was globally lauded by critics and audiences alike. Masters of their craft, Dasgupta and Ghosh have collaborated to deliver an authentic, nouveau noir thriller, combining cinematic artistry with a compelling narrative. A haunting soundtrack by composer Clinton Cerejo blends seamlessly with the mise en scene to further immerse audiences.

Talking about the film, Mr. Bachchan said that it is ‘quite a dynamic film and somewhat progressive in its story and scripting.’

It’s been eight years since John Biswas (Amitabh Bachchan) lost his granddaughter, Angela, in a tragic kidnapping incident that scarred him and his wife Nancy forever. But eight years later, while the world has moved on, John hasn’t given up his relentless quest for justice. He continues to visit the police station where he’s shunned and ignored daily. He continues to revisit the spot where Angela breathed her last, hopelessly looking for clues. The only person whose help he seeks is Martin Das (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), an ex-cop turned priest, who has one thing in common with John – the death of Angela had a life altering impact on him.

When John stumbles upon a clue in a busy market, his hopes of justice and revenge are rekindled and he turns to a reluctant Father Martin. But the clue leads them nowhere, leaving John heartbroken and Martin disillusioned. Herein lies a case that might never be solved and the culprit never caught. Then one day, eight years after the tragic incident, another kidnapping echoes that of Angela’s and Father Martin is once again dragged into the investigation by police officer, Sarita Sarkar (Vidya Balan).

While the priest and the police officer tackle the new kidnapping, John doggedly pieces together the identity of Angela’s kidnapper from little pieces of information he collects through his own investigations. The new kidnapping that brings Father Martin and Sarita Sarkar together as a team also threatens to drive a wedge between them when the kidnapper is caught and they find themselves with conflicting views about the case. But little do they know that John is also closing in on Angela’s kidnapper.

TE3N is a gripping thriller that unites these two, parallel investigations into the two kidnappings, culminating in an explosive, emotionally charged climax.

Stay tuned we will have much more including an interview with Mr. Bachchan about the film!

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