More on Alia and Shahid and Shaandaar!

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From the very first trailer, we and of course the fans have been going bolly-crazy about the cute cute jodi of Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor in the upcoming film Shaandaar! Directed by Vikas Bahl, this fun new comedy with edgy humor puts a twist on Bollywood love stories.

Based against the backdrop of a Shaandaar wedding, happening at an exotic castle in Europe, the story is about a love triangle between the protagonists – Aliya and Jagjinder Joginder and Bipin (Aliya’s father). Bipin believes there’s no guy that will be good enough for his daughter while Aliya is a dreamer but her dreams are whacked out and Jagjinder Joginder is a doer, he can make anything happen! And for obvious reasons, Bipin hates Jagjinder Joginder. The journey of Aliya, Jagjinder Joginder and Bipin in the chaotic and lavish wedding is the story of Shaandaar. It’s a fairy tale love story that everyone has always dreamt of.

Check out the trailer to see more!

Talking about why he chose to do Shaandaar, Shahid Kapoor said, “We came on board for this film because we found it entertaining and a fresh concept.”

Adding he wanted to work with Alia Bhatt, “My inspiration for Shaandaar is Alia. I wanted to work with Alia Bhatt and it was my only opportunity.”

Interestingly, did you know that when they stared this film, Vikas Bahl’s Queen had not released, Shahid’s critically acclaimed Haider was still highly anticipated and even Alia Bhatt’s amazing performance in Highway had not been seen? Shahid says, “So the time when we took up this film, we weren’t exciting people. And the year passed, and the films of all three of us were liked by viewers, so Shaandaar became a very big film.”

The actor says that the script and the story being what it is, a love story set at a destination wedding with other twists, the main thing they did while shooting the film was have fun! “So we’ve just gone out there and made the film that it needs to be by just going out there and having fun,” he revealed.

About her character, Alia says she is mad and but then so is she, “it is a very thin line but it is very fun”. Adding this character is quirky and this is a type of character that is something she always wanted to do.

Alia, who says it was wonderful to work with Shahid really hopes Shaandaar, “makes it to 100cr hearts.”

About his stars, director Bahl says the look really good on screen together, “They have a good chemistry in the movie.”

He says the film is about enjoying the music, the dance, the love story and the performances. “Hopefully it is a lot of fun”

Stay tuned we will have more about the film that releases on October 22nd!

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