Mother’s Day Love from B-Town

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We all know the importance of having a mother in our life, what with the unconditional love and care which they provide 365 days a year,  but it seems we are not the only ones as Bollywood stars showed their appreciation through twitter on Mother’s Day.

The stars tweeted several messages of love and gratitude to their mums on Mother’s Day. Bipasha Basu tweeted, “Jst 1 day is nt enough 2 thnk n salute my Ma n al da mothers in d world!Motherhood is d most magical n amazing role of a woman!Total Respect!” Whilst Dia Mirza also tweeted about a mother’s love, “Each day is incomplete without your mother. We all know that mother. We all know that mother’s love is selfless, no one can equal what a mother does for her child. It’s the most beautiful form of love.”

It seems it was not only the ladies who were tweeting about Mother’s Day as the Men of Bollywood got involved too. Suniel Shetty tweeted “For me all 365 days a year is Mother’s Day because she is the reason for everything that happens in your life. Love you Ma!”

And Javed Ali added “No one will live forever. Instead of missing her after she has gone, it is better to love and respect her while she is still with you.”

Whilst most stars focused on tweeting about their own Mothers, Lara Dutta tweeted about her First Mothers Day.  It seems as if the Mother’s Day love was in full flow in Bollywood especially at the Tandon household as Raveena Tandon tweeted “Tomorrow double celebration in my house as its my mums birthday n mothers day..I show my mum I love her everday,don’t wait for these ‘Days”

Well, we hope all the stars and their mothers had a lovely Mother’s day!


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