“Mr Bachchan is the Voice of India” – Professor Rachel Dwyer

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Hindi film giant and BBC Star of the Millennium, Amitabh Bachchan, is once again at the forefront of communications technology. After the success of his Big Adda blog, the actor has now started ‘vogging’ or vocal blogging as a way of further reaching out to his many followers.

Launched in Mumbai on Tuesday, Bachchan Bol (Bachchan Speak) allows fans to listen to the actor sharing his thoughts on what is happening in his personal and professional life by dialling his vog. Callers are invited to access Bachchan at the push of a button, “You love him – You watch him – You wait for him – Now you can hear him. Call him on 505678910”.

At the launch of the service Bachchan outlined, “Bachchan Bol empowers me with a personal platform on which I can connect and speak directly with my fans across the globe anywhere and anytime. This is my way… From my films to my family, from my country to my city, you will be able to hear about it all, in my own voice, directly on your mobile phone”.

“The social networking paradigm shifting revolution starts now” relates Jessica Hines, author of Looking for the Big B: Bollywood, Bachchan and me. The service is currently available across India from all mobile phone and landline services, with Bachchan supporters outside India already commenting on the website guest book a desire for the portal to be extended internationally.

Recognised for his baritone voice and quotable dialogues from films such as Sholay and Deewar, Bachchan demonstrated the same vocal abilities that his fans can now access at Bandra Fort in Mumbai earlier this week, reciting a number of poems written by his father distinguished Hindi poet Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan. In response to the launch of Bachchan Bol, Professor of Indian Cultures and Cinema at SOAS, University of London, affirms “Mr Bachchan is the Voice of India”.

Check out the website for Bachchan Bol here!

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