Mumbai Rush Hour with Jackie & Akshay?

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It seems that Jackie Chan and Akshay Kumar form a mutual appreciation society. Jackie enjoyed Singh is Kinng so much that he has asked Akshay to make a culture-clash Rush Hour-style comedy thriller with him. Akshay, who would love to work with Jackie, has readily agreed. “Unlike The Myth, which has a strong Chinese sense in the script,” said a source, “This movie will be on the lines of Rush Hour where two cultures come together. In the past, Akki has openly said that he’d love to work with Chan and this opportunity comes at the right time.” The Myth, of course, was the first-class movie made by Jackie, within which Mallika Sherawat had a significant role.

Akshay’s movie release in December will be the very interesting Kambakth Ishq, made in LA on the fringes of the Hollywood industry which also has appearances from the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Denise Richards. The busy Akshay also has lining up Chandni Chowk to China, Blue and Eight by Ten, making him possibly the most bankable star in Bollywood today.

Akshay was recently criticised for his fashion sense but came out fighting. “I’m not here to go by definitions and standards of fashion set by others. I’ve always worn what I’m comfortable in. Why should I change that just because more people are watching me now? And I saw nothing wrong with the leopard-spotted T-shirt….”

Besides being an actor, Akshay is also a family man and recently took the trouble to spend some quality time with his family, firstly going on holiday with his wife Twinkle Khanna to Monte Carlo and then with his son Aarav in a separate holiday. “It was a full-on male-bonding time,” he explained, “If all three of us had been on the holiday together, I’d have had to divide my time between my son and my wife – both would have felt cheated. By dividing my holiday time into two I can give myself completely to both.”

Akshay has been overwhelmed by the response to Singh is Kinng. “I never thought it would be so big. Now that it is such a success, I feel I’ve got more than I deserve,” he said.

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