Munni vs. Sheila: The Battle of the Item Girl!

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This year Munni Badnaam aka Malaika Arora Khan was crowned the Item Girl of the year. And she totally deserved it. It’s not as though she ever needed to prove to us that she could bust a move. The likes of Rakhi Sawant look up to Malaika for inspiration in attitude, jhatkas and expressions. So it really wasn’t such a surprise when she wowed us with Munni Badnaam, but it was after a long time that we had seen a full on masala item number. In fact, looking back the last time we had a Munni Badnaam was back in 2006 when Aishwarya Rai (she was just Rai back then) danced to Kajra Re. Needless to say, it went on to become on the one of the most popular item numbers of the decade. But it’s not Ash that Mallaika finds herself in competition with. It’s Katrina Kaif. In Farah Khan’s upcoming film Tees Maar Khan, Katrina becomes Sheila as she attempts her first item number, and no, Zara Zara from Race doesn’t count. So which of these item girls will reign supreme in 2010? Let’s dissect!

Funda No. 1: The Gaana

Munni Badnaam is a rustic raw raunchy number. What worked for the song is simply the fact that it is a novelty in this day and age when contemporary songs are blinding the market. The use of randomly inserted words and sung by the singer in the most vernacular of ways added more punch to the song. Munni Badnaam was different because it reminded audiences of old school item numbers. Sheila Ki Jawani is a more new age item number. The synthesizers, correct use of English and stylized composition are all evident in the number. So while the prior puts you in a fun time capsule while the latter is a current and futuristic musical perception of the item number.

Funda No. 2: The Choreography

Here’s the catch: both songs are choreographed by Farah Khan. Dabangg however wasn’t her film while Tees Maar Khan is a Farah Khan directed movie. The choreographer herself has come out to claim that if everyone loved Munni, they needed to watch out for Sheila. She promised the latter would be spicier and hotter. As films, their genres are completely opposite. Dabangg is set in a North Indian village while Tees Maar Khan revolves around the life of a thief in the city of Mumbai. This fact in itself sets the scene for the item numbers which are similar in essence but different in terms of their connection to the film perhaps.

Funda No. 3: The Dancers

For Malaika Arora Khan, an item number is like walking down the ramp; it comes naturally to her. Right from the get-go, she has proved to be one of the best when it comes to a single song in a film. From Chaiyya Chaiyya in Dil Se to Kaal Dhamaal in Kaal and the very hot Hoth Rasiley in Welcome, she has always jutted the best jhatkas and most sizzling matkas. Katrina Kaif on the other hand, isn’t exactly known for her dancing skills. But she is often seen attempting a number of styles and doing an apt job of it for the most part. In the past we’ve seen her sexily seduce Saif Ali Khan in Race ala Zara Zara which worked of course. What worked for Munni is Malaika’s openness and freedom with which she took on the character of Munni. Completely shedding her inhibitions, she busted out her chest moves and hip shaking. From what we’ve seen thus far from the teasers of Sheila Ki Jawani, Katrina Kaif isn’t far behind. She too manages to work it and how! Her outfits change from a Desi to Arabic and then Broadway-ish to a shot of her in a large rotating bed where she is wrapped in a satin bed sheet. Hot enough?

Which one will take the cake and win the sashay of Item Girl of 2010? Time will tell. Until then, enjoy the unsaid competition and vote for your favorite!

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