Music Director Gourov Dasgupta Talks Chalo Dilli!

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Music director Gourov Dasgupta is a rocker at heart, but he can also put on the Hindi film avatar and compose some great filmi tracks. You have heard his work on Dus Kahaniyaa, Knockout, Acid Factory and now he is bringing his unique vibe to two tracks for the upcoming film Chalo Dilli. He is unique because he does take a tinge of a rocker edge, combine it with classic beats, instruments and voices and makes something new. For Chalo Dilli, Gourov was given the job to make the title track and then take a Zeenat Aman classic and make it his own. We caught up with the music director and got the scoop on his work for the upcoming film! Check it out!

Tell us about how you became a part of the music for Chalo Dilli.

Shashant and I met two years ago when he was still working on getting the film together. I had made two tracks for him and he told me to hold on to them if possible. For some strange reason I had complete faith in him and two years later he got back to me with good news and we started working once again on Chalo Dilli.

What was the brief they gave you for the film?

All I knew was the gist of the film. The movement it involved. Two completely opposite people on an insane ride through thick and thin to Delhi. There was a great director, Eros was producing it along with Mahesh Bhupathi. Then you have Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta starring in it – I couldn’t ask for more.

You have done the title track. It really has a cool mix of different sounds with of course your rock edge. What went into creating that song?

A lot of competition from fellow music directors (laughs). Shashant had faith in me. Roshan, my producer and I put down some authentic Punjabi beats and sounds. Then came the guitar riff, a catchy hookline, Manthan’s lyrics and finally Raja’s voice and we ended up creating a kicka** track. I guess that’s all it takes.

Tell us about working with the singer Raja, why his vocal for this track?

Raja is a very talented singer and he has proved himself time and again. He was supposed to do a track for me for Knockout, but somehow it didn’t work out. I always had him in mind and I think no one could have done a better job on Chalo Dilli he rocked!

Then you took on the job of recreating ‘Laila O Laila’. Tell us what was in your mind first when you were asked to do it.

Well, first there was panic. Then there was competition from all the other music directors around. But I guess recreating a classic is not about how well you present it in this day and age. It’s more about how much you present yourself as a part of it. Doing justice yet holding your own. I guess that’s where I scored and I don’t think there was any other way.(laughs)

Then how did you go about to create the new song?

The way I do usually…Dim the lights, order my vodka, light a smoke, take the brief and do my best at kickin’ some a**. It’s an old Leo habit. No choice!

How was it working with June Banerjee? Why her for the song?

June is an extremely talented singer and though everyone else wanted a known name for the song Shashant and I had a lot of faith in her. I always believed that if some madman gave me a break 5 years ago, I could do the same for someone else. Thankfully our decision paid off. June might just be the next big thing.

What aspects did you think were important to keep from the original?

Just the hook. I’m not a DJ. I hate remixes. Laila is my song reloaded with the classic.

Was there added pressure since you were remaking a classic?

Of course there was, but I knew I would do justice to it. Krishika and Shashant had faith on me in spite of the 20000000 versions they got. Thankfully I did’t let them down. Ms. Zeenat Aman has endorsed the song herself, what more could I ask for.

How cool is that Zeenat Aman said she liked the track?

I’m honored since the last two major remixes featured her but she chose to endorse my track. Guess we did a good job.

What do you think of the promo with Yana Gupta?

Pure kick a**!

What has been your favorite song released so far this year?

‘Chalo Dilli’.

Seems as if the item number is back in fashion, what are your thoughts on that?

Just another rat race where even if we win and rejoice we still end up being rats. I’m going with the flow. Pays me enough to pursue my heavy metaaaaaaaaaal. So no complaints. It’s all good. (laughs)

What else do you have in store for fans?

Three more coming soon….stay tuned or be a loooooooser….cheers!!!

With that he went back to rockin’ it out! We will stay tuned and will catch up with Gourov again soon! Chalo Dilli, starring Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak releases April 29th so be sure to check it out.

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