Music Producer Vijay Kishore Dubey Dies

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Radio Artiste, Music producer Vijay Kishore Dubey passed away in Mumbai on Saturday, November 6 2010. Veteran ‘Dubey Saab’ as he was fondly known, one of the first pioneers of the music industry was famous for producing many devotional albums during his time.

V K Dubey, was one of the premiere radio announcers of the Hindi services for Sri Lankan based Radio Ceylon in the 1950s to 1960s. When Radio Ceylon was falling weak in its Hindi segment, Dubey Saab was invited from India to join them and reorganize their Hindi programming. This association proved to be a huge success and monumental step for Radio Ceylon as under Dubey’s supervision, the radio station saw a significant growth in regular patronage. His early morning broadcasts; creative programming and signature tunes and songs were a huge hit among the listeners. Post Radio Ceylon, he commenced a stint with HMV.

In one of his interviews on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of SCREEN, V.K. Dubey reflecting on his “I consider myself fortunate to witness the development of the Mumbai film industry and film music at close range, thanks to my association with All India Radio, Radio Ceylon and then, with HMV. I have always been interested in music, right from my childhood and have followed the scene closely”

V.K.Dubey was a very close friend of musical legend Shri Madan Mohan and his family. On the occasion of his death, the official website of Shri Madan Mohan put up a special article as a tribute to the veteran.

“Mr. V. K. Dubey, one of the pioneers of the music industry and a revered veteran passed away in Mumbai on Saturday, 6 November. Dubey saab, as he was fondly called, had a long innings at Radio Ceylon and HMV, and was a much respected personality. He shared a close relationship with the legendary composers, lyricists and artistes and his contribution to their albums will always be remembered. Some of the most memorable devotional and ghazal albums and live concert recordings were conceived and produced by him.

He was a dear friend of Madanji’s and very close to the family. We will always remember him fondly.”

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