Muzammil Ibrahim real life hero

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Muzammil Ibrahim, who is just beginning his foray into Bollywood as a hero recently was a real life hero when he saved a woman from drowning.

Penny Kent was vacationing in Goa and Friday evening she went for a swim. Suddenly the seas current became very strong and it was too much for her to swim against. She was being swept under and was crying for help. Ibrahim was swimming nearby and rushed over to save her. Kent was so exhausted and out of breath that she was unable to help Ibrahim at all so he called for more help. One of his friends along with a tourist swam to them and between the three of them they got her to shore.

Kent said, “It happened at 4.30 pm. I don’t think that I’ll ever get over it. The current had suddenly become very strong and I was taken completely off-guard. I got a new life thanks to Muzammil. He risked his own life to save mine.”

Muzammil said that he did not want a big deal made about it, that he was glad he was there to help, “I had saved a boy when I was in the sixth standard and had received a national award for it. I am glad that I could do it again.”

We applaud Muzammil for this heroic deed!

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