“My family is the crown of this baadshah” says SRK

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Gitanjali Group, who already has a bevy of Bollywood beauties endorsing its jewel line, recently announced King Khan SRK as its new brand ambassador to highlight the core value of the Group – Trust Forever. This is the first time that the Group, which has today emerged as the world’s largest integrated branded jewelry retailer, has a brand ambassador as its public face.

Mehul Choksi, CMD, Gitanjali Group, says, “Trust is one thing that cannot be bought; it has to be built and established through years of performance. We understand what it takes to win people’s trust – a continuous quest for perfection, a commitment to quality and a never ending passion to stay at the top. These are values that Shah Rukh embodies perfectly, besides also being a symbol of loyalty and romance and so when it came to selecting a celeb to represent our group, the choice was obviously him.”

Shah Rukh, who has managed to win over a huge audience because of their trust in his work, is happy to be associated with the brand. And considering that a huge female fan-following consider him as the epitome of romance, it comes as no surprise that the Group decided to make an ad showing him romancing not only the beautiful lady (Anushka Sharma) but also appreciating her love for her jewels. The ad, which will be aired soon, will see the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi pair again and both the stars were very happy to work with each other again.

Since he is endorsing a jewelry brand, has he ever bought anyone any? SRK very smartly replied that the man should be the most crowned jewel of his lady. Initially feeling a bit ashamed that he hadn’t gifted any in recent years, he finally remembered that he did do so to Suhana two years ago. “I have bought a pair of earrings for my daughter. She lost one of them in school and was really sad. Now that she is older, I would like to buy jewelry for my daughter. I know I may sound conventional and old-fashioned, but I am one of those fathers who would like to collect jewelry for his daughter as she grows older.” Considering that the Brand stands for the value of trust, whom does Shah Rukh really put his trust into? “Please don’t get me wrong but I have four dogs. And I don’t trust anyone more than those four dogs. They give me unconditional love and I feel that animals can sense when you are sad. I don’t distrust anyone. There are many close people who I can trust with my life and in fact even my sadness – I think that’s the biggest trust
anyone can ever give to someone,” he said adding that there have been times where people have broken his trust but that has never stopped him from trusting whom his heart tells. Shah Rukh admitted that he is not very good with rituals, but his family does buy jewelry on Dhanteras.

Talking about how his multitasking led him to apologizing for being late. (He was up till 7 in the morning at a party) “I am sorry for being late. The other day when I arrived late at a press conference and apologized, a reporter replied: Don’t worry sir, hum bhi ek-dedh ghanta late hi aate hain! (Don’t worry sir, even we arrive 1 -1 ½ hours late!) I am very mismanaged, disorganized, complex and in a disturbed state of affairs. By the time I manage to finish everything it is almost 6 in the morning, so I am very mismanaged. I want my kids to be the kings of night so that when I reach home late, I get to spend time with them.”

So would there be any inputs to the jewelry design from his side? SRK pondered over that as he thoughtfully replied,” When it comes to something as beautiful and intricate as design, I know that that it’s a huge job – I have sat at some of the sessions. I am not an expert but if the designer were to ask an opinion for say cufflinks or any simple jewelry then as a viewer or from a man’s point of view I think I could really give feedback as to whether I like it or if it too much.”

The ad with Anushka sees him reciting a very beautiful poem which Shah Rukh liked very much. “As for the shayari, Siddharth asked me to do it in a romantic way: iska shringar hai aur zewaron se isse bahut bahut pyaar hai. Which felt really nice since I haven’t done a romantic movie for a very very long time! Actually during dubbing I did ten versions of it and Siddharth finally had to ask me to stop and go home!”

So when is jewelry too much for a man? “It depends,” he answered,” I see rappers with bling I feel that suits them but if I was to wear it and roam around it won’t look good. I think it’s a personal choice. I feel it’s too much when you feel it’s too much. It’s the same case even with women. Sometimes I like them when they wear just a simple diamond pair of earrings. Sometimes I do end up at places, especially weddings where I do feel that people tend to overdo it. Remember that you don’t have to wear all the jewelry that you bought on the same day!”

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