Namitha has her own Temple!

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Voluptuous Kollywood actress Namitha now has her own temple so her fans can worship her more formally. What does she have to say about this exciting new development in her career? “I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that they’ve built a temple in my honour,” she says, “In fact, everytime I went back home to Surat, I used to tell my family members in jest that soon there would be a temple in my name. And now it has actually come true. It took me some time to get used to the thought of a temple in my name, but now I am thrilled. After all, after Khushboo ma’am, I’m the only person to have a temple named after me.”

Namitha, known for her oomph factor, has appeared in over thirty films including Chanakya, Englishkaran, Kovai Brothers, Billa and the English movie Maya, which is due to be released soon. In the US, this will be called Kamasutra Nights and it also stars Tanit Phoenix, the interesting South African actress, model and fire-dancer who won a Woman of the Year Award in Germany. The hard-working Namitha also currently has seven more movies lined up for release over the next year!

How does Namitha feel about her sexy screen image? “I am comfortable with what I have been doing,” she says, “I don’t think I have overdone it. Even when I wear a bikini, I use a sarong over it. I haven’t even done intimate bedroom scenes. I do wear outfits with deep necklines and expose my midriff. I flaunt what I have. I also think that I have sexy legs so I don’t mind showing them on-screen.”

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