Namitha Takes a Dive

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Kollywood bombshell Namitha took on a new skill in her new movie Jagan Mohini – she learned how to be a pearl dancer and did all the dives herself. Raja is playing the role of the prince in the movie and Meera Chopra also stars.

The actress, a former Miss Surat, first made her name in Engal Anna and has appeared in dozens of movies since then, some of the most memorable being Chanakya, Kovai Brothers, Billa, Sandai and Pandi. She is looking forward to making her first Malayalam movie, Black Stallion.

With her six-foot structure and rounded curves, Namitha is an amazon who towers over the Kollywood scene. Does her size bother her? “I am a six-footer, blessed with the best of structures,” she says, “You go and see those sexy figures in the Ajanta and Ellora caves. You will find none of them are slim or lean. Why? The sculptors are not fools. They know the true beauty of a woman. I am proud to say that those figures are like me. Why should I spoil the beauty that I hold by God’s good grace?”

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