Navneet Kaur’s Rebirth

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Twilight Zone movies are on the rise in Tollywood and Navneet Kaur’s latest – due for release next month – forms part of the trend. Kala Chakra is a tale of reincarnation and beyond. “I play the central character in the film,” she says. “Believe me the film will spook you!”

Navneet’s own career appears to have undergone a rebirth of late – she currently has six projects in the pipeline. Amongst these is Jabilamma. “The film deals with the emotions and attitudes of modern-day couples,” she explains. “While the husband thinks money can do wonders in his life, the wife is just the opposite.”

Navneet is a Mumbai-born Punjabi who works in the South. Her debut inSeenu, Vasanthi and her perfomance in Lakshmi made people sit up and notice. Further excellent performances in Sutruvu, Jagapathi, Good Boy and Pallavi have helped to maintain her status, although she would be the first to admit she has recently had to make do with a few lesser quality offerings before Kala Chakra. What is her ambition in the industry? “To be known as a great artiste. To hear people say that Navneet Kaur can act any role very well and to be remembered for a long time.”

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