Neerja – Everything that Fox did to make the Sonam Kapoor starrer a Superhit

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16jan_Neerja-Poster0210 days – 50 crore

Yes, this is what the score of Neerja looks after the second weekend. None of this has been just pure luck or chance. There is a lot that went behind ensuring that the well made film by Ram Madhvani gets its due.

Last week, we presented before you everything that Fox did to ensure a good opening for the film. This week, we unveil what went behind ensuring that the film continued to build on positive perception right through the week as well, so that it turned out to be the second biggest hit after Airlift in 2016 (can you believe that?!)!

As can be seen, Fox continued to engage Sonam Kapoor well on every passing day, and in the process made sure that each of the weekdays was healthy as well.

Sunday : One round of media around the success of the film.

Tuesday: Newspaper office visits and MTV integration. MTV integration tie-up with Roadies for co-branded promos that would air all the way till mid-March.

Wednesday: Delhi visit to do national media. The trickledown effect from this has been big. Integration with Kabaddi again that played out on Star Gold and Star Sports.

Thursday: Third radio trail on the film; this time with an agenda around promoting how the film held brilliantly through the week. Interviews played out on Fridaymorning as a reminder to audiences so that further gains were made from the critical Mumbai/Maharashtra revenue centre.

Friday: To further push the positive perception on social media, a Twitter chat was done with Sonam again, as a result of which the film trended on its second weekend too.

One now waits to see what’s next on the film’s agenda as the film is heading towards an even bigger total in days to come.

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