Nikita Anand is the new Eva Green

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Nikita Anand’s remarkable resemblance to French actress Eva Green will be reinforced in Nileish Malhotra’s new movie Monopoly. In the film, Nikita plays a very similar role to that essayed by Eva in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

Was this deliberate? “It seems to be,” said Dale Bhagwagar, her publicist.

Nikita took over the Miss India title from Neha Dhupia in 2003 and was taken over in turn by Tanushree Dutta in 2004. Nikita appeared in Dil Dosti Etc last year and is beginning to make her name in the industry.

Nikita is keen on fitness and attends the gym every day. She has developed a bit of a reputation there for her extreme levels of performance. “My instructor came up to me and asked me to slow down my daily workouts because it was intimidating the men who came there,” she says. She analyses her diet and workout schedules on a weekly basis, and reads up everything on the subject she can lay her hands on. So vast is her knowledge on fitness and health that it has been suggested she write a book on the subject. “After I finish shooting for my upcoming films Monopoly and Ek Second — Jo Zindagi Badal De, I’m going to give a serious thought to that”, she confirms.

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